On The Wire: Designer to Watch, Mimi Kim

Today, guest blogger, Sarah Schwartz, editor of Stationery Trends and The Paper Chronicles, chats with one of Stationery Trends’ Top Ten 2016 Designers to Watch about her career, inspiration and thoughts about paper. Today, Sarah introduces us to Mimi Kim of Clap Clap.

Starting in 2010, every Winter Issue of Stationery Trends has featured a cavalcade of 10 Designers to Watch. There are no strict criteria to my selection process, rather I just know a perfect fit when I see it — I tend to sense that each person in every year’s special 10 is on a most interesting trajectory. Today it’s a real treat to share one of these personalities with Felt & Wire readers.


There is no mistaking the work of Mimi Kim of Clap Clap and it was a no-brainer to include her in our 2016 group of designers to watch. When I first stumbled across her booth at the 2015 National Stationery Show, I immediately fell in love with the Mimi’s engaging world.

Populated by flowers that somehow seem more vibrant than actual ones — and never wilt — animals wearing pearls or playing instruments, and unexpected color combinations, reviewing her offerings is the stationery equivalent of discovering a wonder-filled children’s book for the first time. Looking through Mimi’s eyes, everyday objects are elevated into tiny objets d’art that will never seem quite the same afterwards.


What is your Favorite Social Media Outlet & Handle?

Instagram, @clapclapdesign

Q3. Recipe Calendar2

How did you get into stationery & paper design?

I first became interested in stationery while I was working as a graphic designer for an advertising company. I had design ideas that I wanted to incorporate onto paper goods and thought about maybe starting my own stationery line. I experimented by creating a calendar, and surprisingly it was a hit with my friends and family. From there, I continued to create card designs, which eventually led to the birth of Clap Clap!

rhp_clap clap new planner 2016 copy

What role do you see paper playing in your work?

I think paper is essential when it comes to the final product. I try to take extra care in choosing the best paper that will show the most accurate color I want on press.


What types of papers are you generally drawn? Which Mohawk paper is your favorite and why?

Uncoated paper is my favorite. I especially like Mohawk Superfine Smooth because of the smooth surface and color performance.

Q6. Sympathy cards

What recent release of yours best represents your personal style?

I would say the sympathy cards series, which just are released. I like the color contrast and how the fun colors get along with the dark background.

Q8. Nana and Toto

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love playing with my two dogs, Nana and Toto. We love taking them to a hike!


What blogs/books/publications do you find yourself getting lost in?

I frequently visit sumally.com, which is sort of like a Japanese version of Pinterest. It has many unique arts & product photos that inspire me!

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