Blurb and Mohawk team up for #PulptoPrint: Part 1

We’re thrilled when we have an opportunity to collaborate creatively. When the partnership involves one of our favorite brands, a group of curious and artistic people, and an opportunity to provide a tour of our mill, we’re over the moon.

So, when Kent Hall of Blurb recently suggested we partake in the #BlurbRoadShow by hosting a creative retreat at Mohawk, we jumped at the opportunity.  

If you’ve created a Blurb book, you know the aesthetic quality is second-to-none. Outstanding photographic images printed with exceptional quality on beautiful, tactile paper makes Blurb books unforgettable. Blurb takes pride in using the finest paper in many of their books, and wanted an opportunity to show authors, creatives and photographers how the paper is made at Mohawk via the “Pulp to Print” process.


Photo courtesy of Blurb

The Pulp to Print retreat at Mohawk featured two days of inspiration by way of tours, exhibits, discussion and the sharing of ideas and work among a group of very creative individuals: academics, artists, photographers, writers, designers – all who value the contribution that paper brings to printed projects.


Kent Hall’s beloved Polaroid. Photo courtesy: David Dyte

Mohawk was pleased to host the group at our upstate New York headquarters and paper mills to demonstrate how fine paper is made.  The October visit was picturesque, allowing ample opportunity to capture some incredible imagery.

beautiful river shot

The beautiful Mohawk River, as seen from the Mohawk Paper Mill in Waterford, NY. Photo courtesy: David Dyte


Leaves of fall in Waterford, NY. Photo courtesy: David Dyte

heron or egret2

A heron on the Mohawk River behind the Mohawk Paper Mill in Waterford, NY. Photo courtesy: David Dyte

We asked  Kent Hall, Marketing Manager, Creative Projects at Blurb how the #PulptoPrint retreat came to life:

“Chris Harrold (Vice President Business Development & Creative Director at Mohawk) had brought up the idea of a “farm to table” tour of the Mohawk paper mill, and I knew it had become part of the Road Show. We spend a lot of time talking about how to make Blurb books from a software-platform perspective, but we don’t spend enough time talking about where the physical and tactile parts come from. So, you know, go from the making of the paper, to the printing of the pages, in two days.

We wanted to go beyond the usual tradeshow experience as a way to get the word out about Blurb and what people can make with us. So we decided to partner with creative communities in cities we love. We wanted to meet and thank current Blurb customers and to spread the word about our platform to people who don’t yet know about us. From cocktail tastings to photo walks to food styling to letterpress printing to paper mill tours, we’re doing a bit of everything. We just want people to be creative, to get excited, and make books. And we want to have a little fun ourselves.”

Rogers notes 1.0

Roger De Muth’s artfully illustrated meeting notes. Photo courtesy: Kent Hall

One of our esteemed retreat attendees was noted illustrator and former-Syracuse University Art Professor, Roger Demuth, who inspired our group during a presentation session with the most visually appealing meeting notes we’ve ever seen.

Roger's watercolor kit

Roger De Muth’s watercolor kit. Photo courtesy: Kent Hall

After beautifully illustrating his notes, Roger used watercolor paints to create a keepsake that elevates his notes to the level of art.


A detail of Roger De Muth’s artwork. Photo courtesy: David Dyte

The group took a tour of Mohawk’s Waterford paper mill and was intrigued by the process, gaining a new appreciation for the craft of fine papermaking.

Mohawk waterford sign

Photo courtesy: David Dyte


Pulp at the Mohawk Mill in Waterford, NY. Photo courtesy: Kent Hall


Pulp slurry. Photo courtesy: David Dyte

rolls closeup

Photo courtesy: David Dyte

See more of our coverage tomorrow as the group explores The Strathmore Archive and tours the Mohawk Print Innovation Center in #PulpToPrint: Part 2. 


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