The Power of Impression

The word ‘impression’ has several meanings. Impressions can be both physical and emotional; they can be both quickly formed and long lasting. They bring life to communication, and they shape perception.

When we hold a well-worn book in our hands, we gather that it is much-loved and read by its owner. A well-crafted logo on a business card tells us the company is competent and trustworthy. Other people’s impressions can influence our own perceptions – a friend’s glowing review of a movie might prompt you to think, “Well, maybe it was a little better than I thought.” And over time, first impressions become part of our long term memories about meaningful people, places and events.



You might expect that a paper company would focus on the printing-related definition, “a mark, indentation, figure, etc. produced by pressure.” With the launch this week of Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 06, we’re exploring each definition of the term.


In Maker Quarterly Issue No. 06, we discover how – whether tangible or abstract – your reality is formed by the impressions you make and take. The issue is enhanced with augmented reality content and limited-edition letterpress inserts, further supporting the theme.

Chris Harrold, Vice President of Business Development and Creative Director at Mohawk says, “In the Impressions issue of The Maker Quarterly we look at how the act of making in itself is a powerful way to create a lasting impression.  At Mohawk, we believe strongly in the power of paper and print to make a high impact impression, whether it’s a handwritten note, an engraved invitation or richly textured book cover.”


Articles in Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 06 include What is Ephemeral?, Impressions that last a lifetime, Making Memories, Stewards of Heritage and Timeless Library.


Each copy of Issue No. 06 contains a limited-edition, two-color collectable insert letterpress printed by Minnesota-based Studio on Fire. A total of three collectable designs were letterpress printed on Mohawk Options Vellum 100% PC White 130 dtc.  The designs are titled “Victory” by Erik Marinovich, “Man Made” by Invisible Creature, and “California Gold No. 2 – Sun” by Lab Partners.  These designers are featured in an ongoing series called Mohawk Champions of Craft, developed to highlight creatives who demonstrate impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail in their work.

Maker Quarterly No. 06 also explores the following Champions of Craft: A Question of Eagles, Imaginary Authors, Drawn Home, Canoe, Sara Barner, Calico Wallpaper, A Two Pipe Problem, Tiro Tiro, and Construction Kids.

By scanning photos containing the Mohawk Live icon found in select stories, readers can enjoy a multidimensional experience enhanced with augmented reality video content. Mohawk Live is Mohawk’s free augmented reality app, available for download in the App Store or Google Play.


To demonstrate the beauty of Mohawk Options + Navajo and the outstanding print fidelity achieved with Inxwell, Mohawk’s exclusive surface technology, the Maker Quarterly is printed on Mohawk Options Navajo Smooth, Brilliant White 100 text (full size sheets) and six short sheets are printed on Mohawk Options 100% PC White, Vellum 80 text.

Inxwell combines the tactile feel of uncoated paper with the advantages of superior ink holdout, lower dot gain and significantly increased opacity. As a result, Options + Navajo print better than any other uncoated papers in the world. Ink sits on top of Inxwell papers resulting in better color, greater detail, and outstanding photographic reproduction in all popular printing processes.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue No. 06 was designed by Hybrid Design, and printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc. To view the publication online or to sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, visit



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