WOODCHUCK’ing the World

WOODCHUCK describes itself as “a proud American company that is dedicated to bringing nature back to people, jobs back to America, and quality products back to consumers.”

Established in 2013, the Minneapolis-based company originally began creating wooden cases and covers for electronic devices. Since then, they have expanded their product line to include a variety of items, not limited to tech accessories, such as business card holders, cufflinks, money clips and handmade, customizable wooden journals.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the folks at WOODCHUCK about the mission behind their company and the inspiration behind their very popular wooden journals.


What does “made in the USA” pride mean to WOODCHUCK, and what factors have influenced your All-American mission?

For us, being made in the USA is holding ourselves to a higher standard. Right now, it’s easier, faster, and less expensive to send manufacturing overseas, but there’s a lot that’s compromised in doing so. You’ll often lose quality and more importantly, jobs, when you move manufacturing out of the U.S.

The All-American influence and values were instilled in Ben (as well as the rest of us) as he was growing up. We all have roots in the Midwest and we understand the importance of hard work and dedication; two core American values. That emphasis, paired with an appreciation for the opportunities we have simply because we’re Americans, have really laid a solid foundation for the business.


Photo credit: Jennifer Whalen

Why is nature so important to WOODCHUCK and your products?

We didn’t have iPads or iPhones when we were younger and because of that, a lot of our formative years were spent outdoors exploring and enjoying nature. These days, you can’t avoid the integration of technology into lifestyle. Because of that, we wanted to create a way to bridge that gap between technology and nature in order to help others reconnect with the outdoors, even if it’s in a small, subtle way. There’s a huge benefit in disconnecting and spending time in nature, and we encourage people to do that as much as possible.

Explain “WOODCHUCK’ing”… 

WOODCHUCK’ing is the tangible execution of our company mission. It’s using natural materials and sustainable practices in innovative ways.


WOODCHUCK originally created wooden cases and covers for tech accessories. Why did you extend the concept to journals?

It goes back to the question of “what can we create using natural materials?” Our journals use wood veneer sourced completely within the U.S. and are bound in the Minneapolis using 100% recycled paper from Mohawk – Mohawk Options 100% PC White.

To our delight, the journals have been one of our most popular products, and through them we’ve been able to reconnect many with nature.


Why did you select Mohawk paper? 

Mohawk was a natural choice for us because of how similar our company goals and values are. Mohawk manufactures premium paper using sustainable practices (that is 100% recycled and manufactured using wind power) which ultimately aids in our mission. We share a belief in the importance of thinking and planning for the future, and that means doing what we can to leave a positive environmental impact.

The paper is also great for writing on, it doesn’t smudge or bleed, which is a plus!

Editor’s Note: 100% of the electricity used in Mohawk’s operations is matched with Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).


Tell us about some of the brands that use your journals.

We’ve had a variety of companies choose WOODCHUCK journals, many as corporate gifts for their employees. Some examples of brands that are well known include RedBull, Facebook, Target, Snapchat, and General Mills.


What’s next for WOODCHUCK?

WOODCHUCK’ing the world! We chose 2015 as the year when we would take bigger strides towards achieving our mission: developing new products, create job growth within the U.S., and always seeking ways to re-connect people with nature.


How are you inspired by nature? Comment below with your email address and one lucky winner will be selected on May 13 to receive a customized Woodchuck journal. Good luck!

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Comments (4)

  1. Posted by Lee Pohlsander on 04.26.15 at 12:46 pm

    Beautiful! What’s the minimum quantity?

  2. Posted by Lee Pohlsander on 04.26.15 at 12:46 pm

    What’s the minimum quantity?

  3. Posted by Kelly M. on 04.26.15 at 2:27 pm

    I love to draw it! Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. Posted by Samantha on 05.5.15 at 10:08 pm

    Nature: the complexity, the intricacy, the intensity, nature is so so many things, its so intense and such a complex beautiful connection of so many parts, yet we still find nature so calming. Theres something about so many complex individuals coming together in perfect harmony that we find so alluring. Like so many colours coming together on a painting to reveal beauty, or a group of ballet dancers all coming together as one, nature is truly a complex beauty!

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