Lovely and new: customizable, retro photos from Felt

By now, you’re likely familiar with Felt – a tech company that’s on a mission to revive the age-old tradition of sending handwritten cards in the mail. They’ve created an app that lets people send handwritten cards to friends and family through the good ‘ol USPS, by way of the iPad. 


We interviewed founder and CEO, Tomer Alper, here on Felt & Wire last summer, when Felt was just getting off the ground.  Since then, the Telluride, Colorado-based company has received rave reviews from enthusiastic users and press alike, and was nominated for a 2014 SXSW Accelerator Award in the Social Technology Category.


Now Tomer and team have just launched a new feature – called Felt Photos – allowing customers the opportunity to personalize up to three Polaroid-Style photos complete with a handwritten caption, phrase or doodle.



The photo option is an awesome addition to the Felt app card line. Retro, with beautiful print quality, the photos feel substantial and have an Instagram-like appearance. Printed on luxe Mohawk paper, photos can be personalized with your own hand-written captions and mailed with your card.  Kids can also start with a blank canvas and create their own drawings to be included with cards or thank you notes.



The process simply could not be easier or more fun. Select your images and caption the photos. Felt prints your photos, inserts them into your card, seals and stamps the envelope and mails it for you.


“Since we started Felt, we’ve been looking for more ways to help people connect,” says Alpert. “With Felt Photos, it’s another way to share your life moments and special memories in a physical way. In our digital world, getting a handwritten card and a personally captioned photo in the mail makes a big impact. You can literally feel the love,” said Alpert.


“We’ve found so many fun excuses to send someone a Felt Photo,” says Tomer, “Whether it’s your kids’ first day of school and you want to share that moment with grandparents, or you’re sharing an engagement photo with close friends and family, or just sending a friend a weird doodle along with a ‘thinking of you’ card.”

Life is short. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Download the Felt app, and send some love to your friends and family today.



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