Mohawk Maker: Nicole Katz, owner of Paper Chase Press


Our recent release of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 4, celebrates community and the makers who contribute or work within them. We’re continuing our coverage of the makers featured in the newest issue, and recently chatted with Nicole Katz, owner of Paper Chase Press, about her business and craft.


Nicole Katz, second-generation owner of Paper Chase Press

Nicole Katz, second-generation owner of Paper Chase Press

Paper Chase Press is a second generation, family-run press, bindery, and publishing house providing clients with bespoke, cutting-edge printed media since the 1960s. This printer is extremely involved in the community – working on local projects, hosting events at the shop, promoting local art and design events, and providing artists with studio space.


What is the most important part of your craft? How do you share that with your clients/customers?

Quality is the most important aspect of our craft. It’s my belief that if you’re going to invest your time and money into making a project that’s printed, it should be beautiful. There is simply no way to ensure the quality of your final product without knowing who is making it, and the fact that we do everything here in our shop means we can be certain your cards or books will be perfectly done.



How did you become interested in printing/media? I see that Paper Chase Press is a second generation, family-run business – was this something you grew up always knowing you were interested in?

I started working in the shop as a kid and being around our clients definitely opened my eyes to the art world. I received my degree in Photography and went on to work in photo book publishing, so when the opportunity presented itself to take over the family business, the work I’d done previously really informed my decision and approach to it all.



What is your favorite part about what you do? What is the favorite thing you’ve produced? Why?

My favorite part about what we do is being able to bring our clients projects to fruition in their physical form. Even when we work with creative professionals, they’re often unsure about how their vision will be fully realized, so when they see the final product, they’re pleasantly surprised! It would be impossible for me to choose a favorite though, I love each of our projects for different reasons!



What do you see for the future of the handmade movement?

These days everyone I know seems to give a lot more thought to where they choose to spend their money, and which types of companies they want to support. Folks seem to prefer to work with local, independent manufacturers whenever they have the opportunity. I really see businesses that focus on that flourishing as a result.

You can find out more about Paper Chase Press on their website, or read Nicole’s interview in the Mohawk Maker Quarterly online.


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