September 2013

A Mohawk Love Story Part Deux: The Union of Enve & Lope

The first chapter went like this: Young Enve and Lope met as friends in class, exchanging doodles and notes of affection. The relationship grew through time and was of course, strengthened by love notes.  The culmination of the story – marriage. Here’s a look at the long-awaited second chapter of the Enve & Lope story…..

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Martha Stewart American Made: Spotlight on DODOcase

We know you’ve heard of DODOcase from us before. So we’ll get right to the point! The Martha Stewart American Made program, which Mohawk recently announced its support for, is all about unique, hand crafted, beautiful goods created by American makers. It’s similar to our Maker publications, which are centered on this idea. We believe a culture of craft is emerging, embracing handmade, quality goods.

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Martha Stewart American Made: A Roundup of Mohawk Partners and Friends

Recently we announced an exciting new development to the maker movement that’s sweeping the country – our partnership and support of the Martha Stewart American Made program. We believe in the importance of making and crafting beautiful, unique products, and that’s a part of what American Made is all about.

We’re excited to see that many of our friends and partners are entrants in the American Made program and we encourage you to vote for your favorites – we’ve created a quick guide, and we will be featuring these talented makers in depth over the coming weeks!

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Mohawk Makers: Multidisciplinary Musician and Visual Artist, Tim Kerr

We’ve been featuring interviews with the talented makers featured in the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, and today we sat down to talk with Tim Kerr, a  notable musician and visual artist. Tim is truly a Renaissance man – he has a degree in painting and photography from The University of Texas, studied under famed photographer Garry Winogrand, was awarded a Ford Foundation grant for his work, has been involved in numerous successful bands (including one that heavily influenced the start of the Texas punk scene), and has begun showing his paintings in shows across the US.

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Mohawk + Martha Stewart Living, A New Partnership

We are in the midst of a cultural ‘maker’ movement, emphasizing the importance of crafting beautiful, unique products by hand.

We believe making is the most fundamental expression of the human spirit, and Mohawk recently introduced three new publications which feature the stories of printers, designers, manufacturers, artists, artisans, musicians, and all those who make their living as makers.

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White Ink on Hot Pink (and red and black and brown and…)

“Printing white text and designs onto dark paper has always been the holy grail of in-store printing,” according to Josh Eisen, President of “Our new PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 software enables designers to easily preview, proof and print in white onto dark colored papers using OKI Data’s revolutionary and affordable new C711WT digital color printer. The ability to also address dark or black envelopes with striking white text brings a unique new set of design options to invitation stores and home studios.”

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