Arianna Orland, Paper Jam Press, and the latest MOO Luxe Project

We’ve featured Arianna Orland’s fun and bold letterpress style on Felt & Wire in the past, and this week we’re excited to announced that The Luxe Project by MOO has teamed up with Arianna Orland of Paper Jam Press to bring you Paper Jam, a unique, machine-inspired collection of business cards that will bring a smile to your face. We recently chatted with Arianna about her collection, and to find out what inspired her to create this series.


Q: These business cards are based on a poster series you created. Tell us more about the series, and what inspired you to create business cards out of them?

I started the poster project about 5 years ago. My client work was all about digital thinking and execution and I was feeling pretty uninspired. I thought I’ll take a class, learn something new, touch ink and paper again. So I decided on a letterpress class. The first day of class they tell you you can print any phrase you like. I have to say it was daunting.


Almost as if I’d been mute my whole life and suddenly had the ability to speak. Then I remembered seeing phrases stenciled on the sidewalk of San Francisco’s Mission District. On the street, just under the tips of my sneakers, I saw “Love me til my heart stops”. I took a photo of it and kept it on my desk for years. When it was my turn to pull the letters from the type case, those are the letters I chose. After I saw them printed alone on the page, I realized how powerful a few well chosen words could be.

I love seeing the smile on a person’s face when I hand them a card that says “Today Was a Good Day”. Now other people can do it too and that’s just so cool. Plus the Luxe cards are stunning, the paper and the super high quality printing makes them feel like mini works of art.

Q: What materials did you use?

I did the project to feel inspired again. I wanted to have a physical connection to the things I was creating. Cutting giant stacks of paper and scrubbing ink off my hands made me feel good. Putting the posters on my walls made me feel good. And I hoped the posters made other people feel good too.

In terms of process, I always use the same gothic wood type, printed on a Vandercook, black ink on white paper. I limit myself to between 2-5 words and the posters are always the same size. The MOO Luxe Collection is the first time they will be offered in any color but black. And only the second time they have been offered using digital reproduction. The first time was with Tattly where I have 2 (and soon to be 3!) designs.


Q: What’s your favorite piece?

So hard to choose. To be honest, it changes depending on what’s going on in my life. These days I’m feeling “Today Was a Good Day.” There are lots of wonderful and positive things going on – I’m grateful.

Q: What made you choose these particular phrases for the MOO Luxe Project?

I could only choose 10 for the pack and I have to say it was tough. I love them all! For the MOO Luxe Collection I wanted to keep the assortment as inspirational as possible. I wanted people to feel like no matter which card they decided to give to someone they’d make an awesome impression. My goal was to have the cards feel just as good to give as to receive.


Q: Tell us more about your charity of choice and why it’s important to you.
I’m honored to support an organization that works to reinstate music programs for children in public schools. Music is one of the world’s greatest achievements in creativity and expression and with VH1’s goal of giving every child access to an instrument, here’s to hoping our world continues to be filled with music.

On a personal note, my 13 year old sister Emma is in a band at school. When I see her perform, and listen to her sing and play the piano, I see unfettered confidence, creativity and joy. And that is just wonderful.


The Luxe Project is an initiative that teams brilliant creatives with Luxe Business Cards by – and helps good causes as well. Each new designer’s collection is showcased for a month, and 100% of net proceeds from sales of that collection during that timeframe will go to the designer’s charity of choice. To date, The Luxe Project has raised over $30,000. Help them raise a little more, and spread some happiness of your own, with a purchase from the Paper Jam collection.

The MOO Luxe collection features award winning Mohawk Superfine paper and’s unique Quadplex technology, resulting in the finest digitally printed stationery available.

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