Mohawk Makers: Sitting down with Michael Maher of Taylor Stitch

For the next series of interviews with talented makers featured in the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we sat down to talk with one of the founders of Taylor Stitch, Michael Maher.

Taylor Stitch dates back to 2008, when three best friends from college decided to make the best custom shirt possible after noticing the craftsmanship and quality of custom-tailored shirts only available abroad. They opened up shop in their San Francisco apartment, working with hundreds of measurements to create the perfect fit shirt.

Working with a family business that already manufactured custom shirts for over 85 years, Taylor Stitch opened a number of pop-up shops in San Francisco two years after they first came together. The shops sold the first collection of button up shirts and people loved them. Settling into a permanent space in the Mission District, Taylor Stitch continues to focus relentlessly on fit, construction, and new offerings.


What is the most important part of your craft? How do you share that with your customers?

For us, we love to see customers interacting with the product. It’s incredible to see someone wearing and enjoying the pieces we create.

How did you become involved/interested in your craft?

My business partner’s father would always bring back custom tailored shirts from business trips abroad. We were enamored by the colors, patterns and fit of the garments. It was something we had never experienced before. We were busy being business nerds in college and started to slowly figure out how a shirt is supposed to be made the right way.


What is your favorite product/offering and why? If it’s a product, do you make it?

I love our Yosemite Shirt which we release every year. It’s a shirt I wear almost on a daily basis. We use an organic cotton chamois milled in Portugal and it’s the softest damn thing I have ever felt.

What do you see for the future of the craft movement?

I’m hopeful that it continues to grow. People seem to continue caring more about how things are made. I know I want to continue to see more manufacturers caring about producing a quality product that lasts.


Any thoughts/stories you’d like to add about your craft?

The magic is in the details. It’s caring about the little things that your customers might not always notice but you do and you get even more excited when they point them out to you.

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All photos credited to Matt Edge

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