All Things Paper with Ann Martin

Like us, Ann Martin of All Things Paper is a paper enthusiast and loves exploring the world of creative projects. Ann’s blogging at All Things Paper has covered everything from her own art of quilling (paper filigree), to other paper artists, to book reviews, to tutorials and more.

Recently, Ann compiled a book with brand-new paper projects from paper crafters around the world. We had a chance to take a look at the book and chat with Ann for a peek behind-the-scenes at the creating process and Ann’s favorite projects.

What made you want to create this book?

The book came about as an extension of my blog All Things Paper where I’ve been featuring a variety of paper artists and crafters from around the world for the past several years. An editor contacted me to ask if I would be interested in doing a similarly themed book, which sounded like an intriguing idea.

How did you choose the artists included?

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know quite a few talented artisans in the paper community through the feature posts and interviews I’ve done on the blog. I sent emails to ask if they would be interested in submitting new ideas for modern, purposeful, and sophisticated projects.


How were the projects included in the book selected? Did you choose them, or did the artists? 

The artists chose their submissions with the understanding that the publisher and I were looking for a cohesive collection that would make the reader say, “Wait, is that really paper?” or “Oh, that’s different; I could use one of those!” We selected the projects based on originality, workmanship, and attention to detail. It was also critical that the designers be able to provide beautiful photographs. To the best of my knowledge, it was the first time a collaborative craft book has been done completely digitally, and I appreciated my publisher, Tuttle’s, confidence in my ability to make it happen. Each creator was responsible for supplying all of the images for their project from step-outs to beauty shots. This was more efficient and cost-effective than asking the designers to make numerous step-by-step versions to ship to one specific photographer. Also, it made for very accurate instructions, as every project was documented by the person who knew the subject best. Needless to say, we gave Dropbox a real workout due to the enormous photo files!


What are your favorite projects?

It’s difficult to decide because I honestly love them all. I’m sure you’d like a more specific answer though, so the only fair way is to close my eyes and point! Here goes… Allison Patrick’s letter holder takes something that usually goes straight into the recycling bin and transforms it into a surprisingly attractive desk accessory. Lorraine Nam’s cut paper silhouette brings something new to the popular art by adding a lovely layered effect. The wearing of fascinators is just now catching on here in the U.S. and Danielle Connel shows her technique for making a pretty one by painting with watercolors on mulberry paper to create what looks like a realistic tiger lily.


Any other books/big projects on the horizon for you?

I’m currently working on another compilation book titled Creative Paper Quilling that will be out later this year. Quilling is my specialty when it comes to paper, so I’ll continue creating custom quilled marriage certificates, ketubahs, and wedding invitations. And of course there are always new things under the sun when it comes to paper, so I’m sure I’ll be featuring many more creators and DIY projects on the blog.

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