The Making of Mohawk’s New Maker Quarterly Publications

Dora Drimalas and Brian Flynn, principals of Hybrid Design are designers as you might have guessed, but their love of creating goes deeper. These two are makers — who just happen to have designed the new ‘Mohawk Maker’ Campaign.

We sat down with Dora to talk about the new Mohawk campaign, and what this ‘maker movement’ is all about.


So, what exactly is this “maker movement?”

Makers have always been around of course, but now we’re starting to see these pockets of makers emerging everywhere and it’s becoming a movement. Brooklyn and San Francisco are probably considered hubs of this emergence right now, but it’s moving fast. We’ve watched the DIY culture grow into these huge maker fairs — like science fairs on steroids — and we’ve seen the slow food movement brilliantly evolve into the food truck craze.

What do you attribute the movement to?

It’s a reaction to the technology that has become so integral to our lives. The smarter our phones get, the more we want our coffee made one cup at a time; the faster technology goes, the more we feel the need to slow down. As a culture we’re consuming smarter, intentionally consuming less, and striving to not just make more, but to make things that matter.


“For a good craftsman heritage and tradition is the root, and resulting innovation is the flower.” — Biochemist turned craft cheese maker, Andante.

Years ago we had ‘stuff’ that mattered to us, we had record collections, every issue of our favorite publications, or movie libraries. Today we stream our music and movies…. everything is instantly available to us, but we have less ‘stuff’, so we want the things that we do have to mean more. We’re witnessing the beginning of the second Arts and Crafts movement.


What do you make?

All of us here at Hybrid are makers. Brian and I created Super7 and Hybrid Home as ways to step away from the client work and make things for our selves. Those two outlets have become a way for us to experiment with different ideas and mediums, a kind of laboratory that allows us to discover things that we can sometimes apply to our client work.

Tell us how the ‘Mohawk Maker’ Campaign came to be.

Mohawk asked us to develop a campaign to celebrate Mohawk Superfine and tie into the company’s existing “What Will You Make Today?” mantra. Heading down the traditional paper promotion trail wasn’t right for the new Mohawk of today. We needed something different, so we started thinking about Mohawk in the “maker” context. And a campaign was born.

Who are the makers that the “Mohawk Maker” campaign will resonate with?

There’s the printer who’s been printing for 30 years, and the designer just getting out of school who thinks of printing as a novelty. Mohawk has the opportunity to speak directly to each of these unique groups and then to connect the dots between them.

Valerie at Tugboat Print Shop hand carves wood print blocks.

Valerie at Tugboat Print Shop hand carves wood print blocks.

The campaign has three different printed pieces, why?

The campaign is currently comprised of three components: The Mohawk Declaration of Craft, Mohawk Craft Cooperative and Mohawk Maker Quarterly. In today’s world the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t resonate with anyone. For people to truly understand your message it has to be told to them in their language; you would speak differently to the printer who has been printing for 30 years than you would to the new designer just getting out of school.

mohawk_emboss_close up_back

The Mohawk Declaration of Craft, which also has an accompanying video (below), tells the story of Mohawk’s history of being a maker, of making paper which allows other makers to create. This piece serves as a company manifesto, outlining the four pillars of the Mohawk brand: heritage and innovation, mastery of materials, pride in the details, and respect for a community of makers.


The Mohawk Maker Quarterly speaks to designers and the creative community. This is a movement that they are already part of. They are the alpha consumers of the maker movement. The Quarterly is about sharing ideas and celebrating makers like Tugboat Printshop, Colossal Media, and Best Made Co.


The Mohawk Craft Cooperative is a quarterly publication designed to talk to the print community. The first issue is titled Business of Craft, and includes content that celebrates the craft of printing and its significance to the design community.

You can sign up to receive all three of the Mohawk Maker Campaign publications in print here.

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