Introducing More Moo Luxe and a Giveaway!

Everyone’s handed a business card or a handwritten note to a colleague or friend at some point, only to see it forgotten shortly after. But what if your card crosses a business associate’s hands and makes them pause, maybe even gasp, with surprise and delight?’s new Luxe line of stationery looks beautiful and feels incredibly luxurious, offering a lasting impression at every point of communication.


The Luxe Collection began with business cards, and has recently expanded to include new Notecards, Postcards, and MiniCards.  With triple the thickness and weight of most standard business stationery, Luxe feels rich and creates a more personal, intimate experience for all of your correspondence.  What makes this stationery so luxurious? The Luxe family is printed on Mohawk Superfine paper, and is enhanced with a rich seam of color within the layers of paper.


Historically, this type of super-premium quality stationery was only available through traditional lithographic print houses. With the introduction of MOO Luxe Business Cards in 2012, fine business stationery became accessible to everyone, everywhere. With the addition of Luxe Notecards, Postcards and MiniCards, MOO provides businesses and individuals with a suite of consistent, branded stationery to impress potential and current customers.


The Luxe family of products utilizes MOO’s patented Printfinity technology, which allows businesses to personalize their communications with different images on each piece. For retailers, artists, real estate agents, designers, photographers, and other creative professionals, Luxe offers do-it-yourself and custom designs with print runs starting at ten pieces, for the most intimate event or correspondence.


MOO Luxe products are also ideal for invitations and menu cards, announcements and personalized thank-you cards. Luxe Business Cards and MiniCards also make unique “calling cards” for casual introductions and high-volume networking events. Recipients feel they’ve received something unique, special and high quality.

Looking for more Luxe? See the visible quality here:

In honor of the launch, is giving 5 super lucky winners $100 site credit + free shipping! Let us know what your favorite Moo product is and tell us why in the comments by next Wednesday, 7/31 at 3pm EST.

Good luck!

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Comments (52)

  1. Posted by Chelsey Barnes on 08.16.13 at 11:29 am

    My favorite moo product isn’t quite the product I ordered, but everything that budles up my finished product. From the quirky emails I get to let me know my package is traipsing it’s way into my arms or the perfect packaging that only my eyes are gracing (it’s packaged beautifully for MEEE!), Moo makes me feel WHOLE. Rather than shoving a finished product into my hands and going, “HERE IS YOUR CRAP,” Moo gives me a big warm hug and says, “Here you go my most darlingest of darling partners.”
    Love you too, Moo.

  2. Posted by Chelsey Barnes on 08.16.13 at 11:30 am

    And I know this is past the contest, just wanted to let yall know how awesome you are.

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