#24MAG contributor interview with Ian Danskin

[Allyson Van Houten] I’m excited to share another installment in our series of #24MAG contributor interviews today. I’d like you to meet Ian Danskin, who made the funniest faces of the #24MAG Issue 4 crew. (I promise you’ll get to see at least one.)

Ian Danskin (Issue 4 videographer and writer)

Ian, how and why did you get involved?
I’ve been friends with Sara for a while. She actually didn’t invite me to Issue 1 and I thought maybe she didn’t like my stuff, but I found out that there is criteria. You have to have a website and a public Twitter account. At the time I didn’t have either, so once I did she invited me to contribute to Issue 2.

What projects did you work on for this edition?
I worked on a space profile of Baby Castles, which is sort of an indie video gaming slash collective here in Brooklyn. I wasn’t entirely sure what they do, and no one else seemed to either, which is part of why I wanted to profile them. I also wrote a piece about backlash.

What is your favorite personal or professional project?
#24MAG is definitely one of my favorite things to work on, but it’s not ongoing. It’s like one day, four days a year if you’re lucky.

A project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time just went into development. I’m designing my own computer game for the first time. I just got a programmer and a guy that’s helping me with music. I’ve been very busy so we started it, so I haven’t been able to jump into it like whole hog yet. I have a feeling that, providing that I don’t freak out and run away that this thing that’s been an idea for a long time is actually happening, this will be my favorite project.

Ian has contributed to Issues 2, 3 and 4.

You can read the entirety of Issue 4 online or order a physical copy (printed on Mohawk Superfine).

You can also get a taste of what the process was like by reading my live-blogged post, with updates from every hour in the process, or check out the conversation that took place between contributors on Storify.

Photos courtesy of #24MAG contributors.

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