April 2013

Massimo Vignelli, What Will You Make Today?


[Allyson Van Houten] The grid. It’s the first thing they teach you about in school; a building block of design education. It’s what many designers start with when they begin making a layout.  Few designers feature the use of the grid as much as Massimo Vignelli. For Mohawk’s “What Will You Make Today” campaign, we asked Massimo to share with us what he makes using the grid. The result? Follow us to find out.

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Felt & Wire is new…again!


[Allyson Van Houten] Today marks the rebirth of Felt & Wire, and we are very excited to share it with you. When the site began in 2009, we wanted to create a community for people who love paper as much as we do. For those who are paper-obsessed: who love the feel of paper, the look of paper, and the magic of what you can create with paper.  And, thus Felt & Wire was born!

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Small sustainability steps really add up!


Yesterday, April 22, was Earth Day. But every day is Earth Day to the Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green initiative, as it works to garner commitments by individuals, organizations, businesses and governments to protect the planet. A Billion Acts of Green is now the largest environmental service campaign in the world, inspiring initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability. The concept: Individual actions add up to something really, really big. And Mohawk’s a big believer.

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David Berman wants to help you “Do Good Design”


[Allyson Van Houten] In 2009 David Berman released Do Good Design, a call to action that alerts designers to the role they play in persuading global audiences. Since then the book has sold out the first edition, has been translated into four different languages, with the rights to several more on the way, and has been used in many classrooms as a tool for teaching sustainability. Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the second edition is now available and was produced using Mohawk papers.  We asked David to answer a few questions about what he learned along the way and how choosing sustainable paper was important for this edition.

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Inside the Studio: id29


[Allyson Van Houten] Imagine your dream office. Features it must include: plenty of light, lots of space to move around and be located  next door to a local brew pub. Sound good to you? Then your dream office may be located in Troy, NY, in the studio space of id29.

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A Unique Gift on Our Paper Anniversary


[Alex Green] In Roman times, proud husbands would present their wives of 50 years with a wreath of gold that the wife would wear on her head. This practice was carried over into medieval Germany, where large celebrations were held in honor of the longevity of the married couple and today have become associated with symbolic elements to denote wedding anniversary milestones.

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