December 2012

High stakes competitive gift wrapping

[Shasta Garcia] Three weeks ago I entered the high stakes world of competitive gift wrapping. The gift wrapping circuit is very small—as far as I know, there’s only one major event. I was one of eight contestants who received a free trip to New York to participate in the 2012 Scotch Most Gifted Wrapper contest. I got there with my video application. The prize on the line: $10,000, and of course the title, which is priceless.
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Chronicle Books cuts a page-turning video

[Alyson Kuhn] ’Tis the season for the clever, creative, paper-loving folks at Chronicle Books to send out this year’s holiday video. Everything in the video is made of paper: the type, the snowflakes, the mug of cocoa with marshmallows, even the record player that is about to play the original soundtrack composed just for this video, just for you. Are you ready?

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Good-bye Felt & Wire Shop, it’s been an awesome ride

[Allyson Van Houten] Today marks the end of an era in the Felt & Wire community. After three years, Felt & Wire Shop is coming to a close, at the end of this year. As the lead curator for the Shop, I can tell you that working on it has been a labor of love for our team and deciding to close it was a difficult decision, one made all the harder because of the wonderful relationships we’ve developed as a result of creating and building a new community along the way.
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Find your favorite Felt & Wire Shop Sellers

Not sure where to find your favorite Felt & Wire Shop shopkeeper? Take a look at the list below the jump. (If you’re a seller who wants to add a link, email Allyson Van Houten at [email protected]

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Creative Chain: Felt & Wire connects 90 extraordinary designers, artists & makers from all over the globe

[Emily Potts] Last April, the very first Creative Chain was published, featuring three creative powerhouses in Minnesota, and it just kept moving from there. Felt & Wire Managing Editor Pam Williams wondered what kind of work inspires today’s designers and artists and makers, and asked me to help find out. Never could we have imagined this chain would take us to so many different corners of the world, and introduce us to such an eclectic group of people—people we would never have known otherwise. The chain traveled between more than seven dozen people representing 46 cities in 12 countries, zigzagging around the world. Furthermore »

The Anatomy of Type

Everything you wanted to know about 100 of the most beloved typefaces but were afraid to ask can be found in buy cialis online without a prescription

p;linkCode=as2&tag=felandwir00-20″ target=”_blank”>The Anatomy of Type: A Graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces. The book organizes and explores each typeface, revealing key features, details, its designer and foundry, and the weights and styles it’s available in. Released last month, this would make a great holiday gift for the type-lovers in your life. [KR]