Mohawk Show Winner: Boxsal press kit

[Alyson Kuhn] Well might you ask. The Boxsal press kit was designed to answer questions that buyers at the New York Gift Show didn’t even know they had. Imagine you are in the Javits Convention Center (which I have previously referred to as Jumbo). You are visually assaulted by aisles and piles of material goods…and suddenly…a breath of fresh air. You are at a picnic, where nothing will hamper your fun.

The clever copy on the back of  this card begins: “To each picnic occasion, its own Boxsal. Who’s to say you need a park and checkered tablecloth?”

A Boxsal is not just pretty packaging. It is not a promotion for anything—except fun. It’s a real product. A Boxsal is (well, let’s just quote the clever copy, shall we?), “an eco-friendly picnic box that makes Oscar Mayer and Oscar de la Renta equally proud. It’s a place to pack your sandwiches and your creativity.”

The Boxsal press kit won the Sustainability Category in Mohawk Show 12. The kit—a dozen 5 x 7-in. cards in gingham-checked paper wrap—is only the tip of the ice cube, sustainably speaking. Aaron Opsal of The Brand Hatchery told us about developing the product and the press kit for Three Blind Ants.

The press kit strikes me as both tasty and tiny. How did it fare in the consumer overload of the gift show?
People literally ate them up. We were almost wiped out the first day! Fortunately, we had taken some additional post cards with us, not wrapped, so at least we had something left to give out.

How did you come up with your concept?
Budget was certainly a factor. We went with a modular format—postcard-style—so that if things changed, we could switch cards out. Printing on Mohawk Options wasn’t even a variable, it was non-negotiable. And on the back of every post card, at the bottom, we say it’s printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper.

The front of the card shows a Boxsal place setting, with copy that proclaims: “Biodegradable Corn Starch. It’s yummy for the environment.”

What is the Boxsal itself made of?
Really thick, nice cardboard, with between 40 and 60 percent recycled content, depending on availability. The sustainability factor was part of the cost of doing business. Inside the box are bendable cardboard inserts you can pull out and rearrange into several configurations to hold whatever you are putting in. We include a little configuration guide.

The press kit does a fab job of telling Boxsal’s sustainability story. Is there anything on the actual product about this?
Absolutely. Inside the eatin’ toolkit we put a little sheet that tells the story and details the recycled nature of all the components. We also include a shopping list for picnic snacks. All the inserts are printed on Mohawk Options 100% PC.

Today’s Date Boxsal offers a paint-by-number activity. It’s printed in 10 shades of gray so you can color it in.

The Today’s Date card can be mailed as an invitation. Two additional cards in the press kit have real postcard backs.

On Monday, Felt & Wire will continue our conversation with Aaron Opsal. We’ll take you behind the scenes to Boxsal Central, so to speak. Aaron will talk about the startup’s stellar break and what’s in store for 2013.

Sustainability Category: Boxsal Press Kit
Designer: The Brand Hatchery
Designers: Aaron Opsal, Frances Yllana, Blake Wright
Copywriter: Aaron Opsal
Client: Three Blind Ants
Printer: Texas Graphic Resources

Paper: Mohawk Options, Smooth, 100% PC Cream White

The Brand Hatchery is an award-winning branding, design and interactive firm located in Dallas, Texas, specializing in helping companies find their voice and vision through pictures, pixels and paragraphs. From jump-starting new brands to reinvigorating old ones, The Brand Hatchery helps companies find, craft and broadcast their story to the masses. Quickly and efficiently.

Photos in order of appearance: 2, 3, 4 courtesy of Tether, shot for the production of Crush; all others courtesy of The Brand Hatchery

More on Mohawk Show 12 Winners here. You can order your Mohawk Show 12 catalog here.

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