Mohawk Show Winner: Cycle Kids Annual Report 2009

[Kim Rogala] At the time of publishing its 2009 annual report, Cycle Kids had reached over 2300 children, a mission the nonprofit organization has been working on since 2004—a mission to engage children in physical activity through bicycling.

The program is founded on the idea that good health is holistic: Nutrition, physical activity, intellectual stimulation and emotional well-being are all related facets. Through a comprehensive curriculum that teaches the skills of biking, nutrition and literacy, Cycle Kids empowers children and builds communities.

Weymouth Design has helped them share their vision with the world by way of this Mohawk Show 12 Winner. Cycle Kids Annual Report 2009 won in the Digital Printing category. We asked Design Partner and Creative Director Robert Krivicich about the project, the second they’ve done for Cycle Kids.

What was your vision for the the project? What message did you want it to convey?
We wanted it to impress a potential donor, but also to have a balance between playful and sophisticated, so kids could appreciate it and adults would be engaged enough to learn something about Cycle Kids.

The photography in the AR is right on target with your idea of a balance between playful and sophisticated. Was it all shot for this project?
Yes, all of the imagery was custom. Since we believe in photo-driven design, and we do all of our photography in-house, we were shooting and adding the photos into the layouts to see how they worked. At times it was experimental, making our design more organic than formulaic. But eventually the artist control paid off and gave us exactly what we wanted.

It must have been fun to work with kids in such a natural atmosphere.
The kids were great and full of energy. Laughing seemed to happen very naturally with them, especially when we added in a bike or two and asked them to ride around. Kids enjoy riding bikes, they smile, they have fun, and they make our job easy. Cycle Kids is onto something, aren’t they?

How did you maintain that balance of fun and sophistication in the design?
It’s an annual report, so we need to present facts in a very straightforward manner, so to add some fun we used chalk to create some of the infographics [as seen in the lead image]. That way we convey the sense of fun that embodies Cycle Kids.

This was a Mohawk Show 12 Winner in the Digital Printing category. How did you decide to print it digitally?
It was a very small run for a nonprofit, and to keep the oversized coloring-book layout [11.5 x 17.5 in.] that we wanted, we had to cut the quantity. We only printed a couple of hundred books. Digital made the most sense and allowed us to keep the side stitching. Universal Wilde ran it on an HP Indigo and did a beautiful job.

What about the paper you printed on?
We have had great experiences printing digitally on Mohawk Options, and in some cases I think it rivals the quality of offset.

Weymouth Design is a full-service branding design firm with offices in Boston and San Francisco with clients from multiple industries such as Titleist, Wrigley and GE Healthcare. The firm, founded in 1973, is unique in that it provides key branding-related services under one roof; photography, print, web and video.

Client: Cycle Kids
Design Firm: Weymouth Design
Printer: Universal Wilde
Paper: Mohawk Options, Smooth, 100% PC White

Photos in order of appearance:
1, 4 and 5 courtesy of Weymouth Design
2, 3 and 6 courtesy of Tether, shot for the production of Crush.

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