October 2012

Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one link at a time, week 25

[Emily Potts] Welcome to a windy Wednesday on Felt & Wire. Here’s hoping you’re hunkered down, staying dry and out of harms way. Here’s hoping today’s chain inspires you and takes your mind off of Sandy, whichever coast you’re on. Furthermore »

Hallowe’en treats: Fontciful Uppersands

Today, in honor of Hallowe’en, we present the Giant Pumpkin of ampersands. It’s an Uppersand, the handiwork of Nancy Upper. Yes, Upper is her real name. Her studio is dedicated to the ampersand. She sells Uppersand panels in her Felt & Wire shop. She blogs about ampersands & she spreads the love on the Uppersand Facebook page.

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Paste: An exhibit by Denise Fiedler

Hey, SF Bay Area peeps, Denise Fiedler has a new exhibit opening at the Market Street Gallery on November 1. Fiedler’s newest venture, titled Paste, is a collection of her latest mixed-media collage works, which illustrate a vintage point of view on common, everyday subject matters. Furthermore »

Public Works: 30 designers interpret the bicycle & our public world

[Alyson Kuhn] Rob Forbes’ first claim to design fame was the founding of Design Within Reach (DWR) in 1999. Forbes’ current venture, Public Bikes, is in many ways a bike-based extension and expansion of the DWR ethos. Public Works is his new great way of encouraging people to “rethink the way we get around.” The Public Works project presents 27 big (40 x 60-in.) freshly printed posters and a splendid little companion book. If you will be in San Francisco tomorrow or Wednesday (Hallowe’en), you can see the exhibition at SPUR.

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Hallmarket: a Hallmark artist art fair

[Alyson Kuhn] Hallmarket is the perfect name for a one-day arts-and-crafts fair showcasing the “non-Hallmark” work of people who work at Hallmark in Kansas City. The first Hallmarket took place in 2010, as part of the company’s centennial celebration. Such a grand time was had by all that it’s become an annual community event. We chatted with Regi Ahrens, who manages Hallmark’s exhibits, earlier this month—right after Hallmarket 2012.

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Helen Friel designs with geometric theorems & a glue syringe

[Kim Rogala] “They can look a little creepy, but a glue syringe is probably the best tool I own!” says Helen Friel, the newest designer for The Luxe Project by MOO. Why would she need a glue syringe to design a business card collection? Furthermore »