Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one link at a time, week 15

[Emily Potts] Welcome to week 15 of Creative Chain, where the fun never stops. Last week we featured three amazing women and their remarkable work. This week we kick off the chain with a person very close to Cecilia Levy … in her own words.

Mattias Adolfsson
Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasink) is a freelance illustrator living in Sigtuna just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked with everything from computer games via children’s books to commissions for international newspapers. He released his first personal book last year, The first in line, from the sketchbooks of Mattias Adolfsson, published by Sanatorium. Mattias is a complex man. Terribly funny and highly intelligent. He’s like a giant sponge; sucking up impressions from the outside world, filtering them through his intricate mind and then pouring out his very own interpretation of the world and everything in it — from flying pigs to how to make the perfect sauerkraut. I never tire of his drawings. And that’s not just because I’m married to the man.

Lines and Cables, Thoughts on Flight
The linework is amazing, everything is worked through. First time I saw it I wondered quietly to myself if it was a work of genius or madness. All the small crazy details — nothing is left unfinished. The patience, persistence and perseverance of the artist is admirable — to not give up halfway.

He often picks a theme and makes variations, drawing hilarious characters with huge personalities. I also love his short comic stories — small inanities without proper endings, but with wonderful humor. Here the pen strokes are few, but rich in content. Mattias draws with an ease that is almost offensive.

Mattias Adolfsson is inspired by …

Lapin (@lapinbarcelona) must be one of the most prolific sketchers in the world, he draws constantly filling his sketchbooks — he prefers drawing in old accounting books — with cityscapes, people, cars and the odd dinosaur. Lapin has a wonderful organic feel to his sketches not hesitating adding an extra spear to a cathedral if he think it needs it or bending a tower in order to fit into his worldview.

It’s almost impossible to choose amongst his work but all his sketchbooks are wonderful, especially when you know that each book is full of lovely images.

I love architecture and I love the way Lapin incorporates text into his sketches.

Lapin is inspired by …

Sagar Fornies
Sagar (@sagarforniesis), a comic artist and an art teacher, is dedicating more and more time to sketch. We met in Barcelona during a sketchcrawl and since then became good friends. I’m lucky to watch him working during these last years, and enjoy his amazing capacity to paint his surroundings and capture the lightning of a scene. I wish I could manage to capture light with this economy of medium and time.

Redescrubrint | Eixample (Rediscovering the Eixample)
Sagar’s last project is a book about Barcelona, which marks an evolution in his skill. I can’t wait for it to get published.

Auf den Marmorklippen
He also worked on some black-and-white panoramic sketchbooks for research for an opera called Auf den Marmorklippen by Giorgio Battistelli, released in Manheinn in 2002. One of them represents a collection of temples and cathedrals all together. It’s a masterpiece to me.

Tune in next Wednesday to see who inspires Sagar.

Take a look at the complete chain any time.

Emily Potts is senior acquisitions editor at Rockport Publishers.

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  1. Posted by Cristina Urdiales on 09.21.12 at 6:54 am

    Three of my favorite artists in a bunch! Am I lucky!

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