August 2012

Carnival costumes made from paper

“Grotesque, making extreme exaggerations and unfathomable representations for the body, violating the idealized, classical body.” This is how Tara Keen Douglas describes the Carnival costumes that she created as part of her masters thesis. Costumes that are made out of paper. Furthermore »

Meet JMC Engraver & Feldman Engraver, pretty as a picture – or a party favor

[Alyson Kuhn] Monotype Imaging recently released two new typefaces — downloadable for free — to coincide with the publication of The Complete Engraver, by Nancy Sharon Collins (a.k.a. The Engraving Lady). Today, we’ve invited Ilene Strizver of The Type Studio to take JMC Engraver and Feldman Engraver for a spin — or a curlicue or two.

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‘The Complete Engraver’ heralds a revival

[Tom Biederbeck] Nancy Sharon Collins’ The Complete Engraver: Monograms, Crests, Ciphers, Seals, and the Etiquette of Social Stationery, from Princeton Architectural Press, lives up to its comprehensive title. Abundantly illustrated, the book is a testament to the power of engraving — a printing technique most of us know only from wedding invitations and money — and its continuing relevance to personal correspondence. I spoke with the author to find out why engraving still matters … and I learned a lot, beginning with how the word stationery came about.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a serif?

“The most distinguishing factor of any font is its characters,” says Matthew Olin, designer at WestmorlandFlint. And characters are what he focused on for his MFA Thesis exhibition entitled Some Type of Hero. Furthermore »

Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one week at a time, week 17

[Emily Potts] Most of the 51 artists and designers that have been featured on Creative Chain are people we’ve never heard of. Thankfully, through this inspirational chain we can see the wondrous handmade works of artists from around the world and get a sense of their cultural influences. This week’s artists blend traditional and digital techniques to create their masterpieces. Furthermore »

Incredible poster opportunity

Emily Lessard, design director at the legendary Aperture Foundation, has sent us some amazing news: They’ve just uncovered a small trove of vintage book posters in their archives, all perfectly stored in flat files. You can see the selection cheapest generic cialisref=”” target=”_blank”>here. Furthermore »