Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one link at a time, week eight

[Emily Potts] Last week’s Creative Chain featured the amazing work of Stanley Hainsworth, Marian Bantjes and Matthew Shlian. This week’s roster is just as compelling and creative. We kick it off with the person who inspires Shlian, in his own words.

Cina is a total badass.  His work extends from design into experimental abstract painting, and he does it all so well. It actually kind of angers me that he should have so many talents. I was fortunate to work with him on a recent ghostly project, and he is one of the nicest people I’ve had the privilege to work with.

At first glance it appears heavily manipulated, but you realize it’s a photo taken using reflective mylar film, flipped upside down. There’s no way to plan out a shot like that — it’s all intuition and play. I love the balance between the playfulness of the image and the tightness of the type and layout.

The textures on the SMM piece are so lush.  I’m always hoping to evoke wonder with my work. Lawrence Weschler’s book on Robert Irwin is called Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees. It has always stuck with me as perfectly describing the moment when you encounter something new that is unnamed or unnameable. Cina’s work affords such moments.

Michael Cina is inspired by ….

Sonnenzimmer (Chicago) is comprised of the duo Nick Butcher and and Nadine Nakanishi. When thinking who do I want to pick (I love so many people in the arts), I ended up going with Sonnenzimmer, because they work in so many mediums and are constantly exploring and pushing themselves in a real and unique way. I feel that this sets them apart.

Columbia College
This was one of the first posters (besides the Throbbing Gristle poster, below) that put Sonnenzimmer on the map for me. It shows a love for process, typography, color, form and construction. It shows an active mind(s) that is endlessly exploring.

Throbbing Gristle

When you see this print in person, the colors are so rich and vibrant and go so well together. It hints at their painting style but pushes it forward in a more print-like fashion. I love how everything comes together as if it is dancing.

Nadine and Nick of Sonnenzimmer are inspired by …

Ryan’s hyper-focused approach to screenprinting and the pace of how he learned to print his own work so masterfully is stunning. He studied painting at Northwestern. His painting knowledge really flows into his print work. He bounces so easily between the mediums while running his own shop.

Evening Ritual
This insane screenprint started off as a painting. You can see how his painting and screenprints relate. He does this minimal/maximal approach within the execution. He knows composition in and out, and doesn’t shy away from a certain minimalism. But he can swing that, because he’s such a formal perfectionist.

Normally this would be a lame Illustrator project. But in this case, it’s done by hand. And we view this print from a painting perspective: foreground, middleground, background. The format taps into the epic expansiveness of the Bay Area. Making this all monochromatic gray is such a subtle implication on not using the Golden Gate Bridge in red. These are the sublime qualities of how Ryan works and observes the world. In his work he has much things to discover. And again, he paints and prints it all himself.

Check back next week to see who Ryan Kapp is inspired by.

Take a look at the complete chain any time.

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  1. Posted by notely on 06.13.12 at 12:13 pm

    Love this chain, getting richer every week, and “meeting” many new people. Thank you.

  2. Posted by lee moody on 06.13.12 at 2:19 pm

    ~ these articles are tasty ~ better than FB !

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