June 2012

Have a UNIQUE SF weekend!

Hey, San Francisco friends, have you heard that the largest curated design show is headed your way? That’s right, UNIQUE SF is making its debut in the Bay City this weekend. Furthermore »

The envelope pleases: Winning ideas from bookmakingwithkids.com

[Alyson Kuhn] Cathy Miranker loves to teach kids — and their teachers — to make books. She drives to schools and libraries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and twice a week she posts a new project on bookmakingwithkids.com, her perfectly named 5-year-old blog. Knowing how much I love envelopes, she invited me over to see books and booklets made from … envelopes.

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Gucci Goes Green

Paper sculptures are everywhere these days! Check out the Gucci Fifth Avenue window displays of elegant, elephantine paper handbags. These bags are fashioned not from supple leather but from recycled paper.

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Rakafuki Friends focus kids on sustainability

[Tom Biederbeck] Does Brian Dougherty of Celery Design Collaborative ever counsel his 8-year-old daughter to “Go outside and play with your light bulb”? Notwithstanding that this model designer’s daughter is no doubt a model child, it’s a believable scenario when it comes to Rakafuki Friends, Celery’s initiative to broaden the audience for energy-efficient lighting and raise some money for schools in the process. And yes, there is a theme song. Furthermore »

Enter Archive [email protected] price

Until June 29, Chicago’s Society of Typographic Arts is offering half price entry fees for its annual Archive competition.

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Best design books of 2011

What book does New York magazine design editor Wendy Goodman think is probably the most important design book of 2011? Find out in this video by Designers & Books where Goodman and New York magazine architecture critic Justin Davidson present their picks for the most notable design books of 2011.