January 2012

The ultimate business card: Introducing Luxe Business Cards by MOO

The Felt & Wire Shop curators have seen them, touched them, love them and can vouch for them: “they” are the new, super thick business cards launching today over at MOO.com. Luxe Business Cards are digitally printed on an Indigo on legendary Mohawk Superfine. At triple the thickness and weight of most ordinary cards, “special” is an understatement. Designers will appreciate the option of a seam of color that runs through the middle of the stock— a Superfine sandwich — made possible by Moo’s unique Quadplex technology. And the cards are delivered in a super cool box. Look! Furthermore »

Tether’s geisha world

Stanley Hainsworth of Seattle’s Tether tells about creating an elegant “brand storybook” for Japanese beauty brand TATCHA. The book is part of a comprehensive portrayal that explores centuries of geisha beauty secrets. Check out the book and see how it was constructed.

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Michele Ronsen & Tony Marcell’s extremely DIY (Delight In Your) wedding

[Alyson Kuhn] Modern brides have begun to embrace custom rubber stamps as an artful element of their wedding invitations, accoutrements and other papery accessories. This trend gets our stamp of highest approval, so we set out to find a DIY high practitioner to interview. Creative Director Michele Ronsen, who had never rubber-stamped before her engagement, describes herself as “certifiably craftalicious now.”

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Paperfinger’s love letter service: Creating indelible, handwritten professions of love

[Pamela Williams] As long as there has been romantic love, and the tools with which to write, there has been the cherished love letter. To the best of my knowledge, no modern form of communication has yet been able to match the endurance of words — passionately written by hand — with kisses of real ink on paper. So tell me, please, why don’t we write more love letters?

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Felt & Wire Finds: A ‘Love-ly’ stamp from Paperfinger

How many ways can you say “I love you?” If you want to say it simply and beautifully, check out what the curators at Felt & Wire Shop have found this week. Read past the jump for a special offer.

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Can you tell me in five sentences or less?

Mike Davidson has had it with e-mail overload, with spending more time decyphering those lengthy, confusing e-mails than it takes the senders to write them. And he’s not taking it anymore. Mike has instituted a five-sentence policy that he “explains” to the recipients of his e-mails via his signature, which reads, “Q: Why is this e-mail five sentences or less? A: http://five.sentenc.es.” What do you think — is Mike onto something? [KR]