December 2011

A New Year’s appreciation for printers

[Tom Biederbeck] Closing the old year and launching a new one makes this a good time to acknowledge the people we admire. We’re thinking right now of printers, heroes of the communication arts who confront paper, ink, type and image, day in and day out, for our benefit. We all know it’s been a tough year for printers, which ought to make us appreciate them even more. Through history, printers have earned their reputation for a certain kind of toughness and (certainly) independent thinking. Consider where we’d be without them!

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D-I-Y Star Wars paper snowflakes

Thanks to Chaunce Dolan at Matters of Grey, we learned about these amazing Star Wars snowflakes. You can even download the templates and make your own. [MD]

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Recipe for nostalgia à la Mary Tam

[Alyson Kuhn] Mary Tam recently sold her home in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, formally signaling the end of her homemaking career. She was, by all reports, a great cook. Her five grown children — and other family members and friends — are eager to have some of her recipes.

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You’ll eat your words

We love letterpress, and we love cookies. So, what could be better than these edible letterpress blocks? These cookie cutters, available at Paper Source, are tons of fun for the letterpress printer in us all … and they make tasty treats too! [KR]

Make a green impression for the holidays

Want to share your commitment to the environment this holiday season? Conservation International wants you to show your commitment proudly — on your card or envelope, that is. With every $25 donation to Conservation International’s Green Impressions, you will receive 20 labels declaring your dedication to the environment to place on the back of every card you send. Furthermore »

It was a record year for How2Design

As we reach the end-groove of 2011, the veteran design rockers at How2Design end their year-long paper playlist on a high note. As you may remember in our original story in January, the group dropped its clever mock-vinyl promotion in six installments that we’ve loved. Now that Felt & Wire’s collection is complete, we asked studio principal Noemi Kearns to share the backstage details of this outstanding series.

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