October 2011

The Pink Collection

Today’s curated collection on Felt & Wire Shop is for a good cause. This special pink collection has been put together as a way to help you brighten someone’s day, and contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Shop for something pink today. [KR]

Who was Dard Hunter & why does he have so many Friends?

[Alyson Kuhn] I recently attended the Western regional conference of the Friends of Dard Hunter. Hunter (1883–1966) built himself a small paper mill in 1913, with the goal of learning to manufacture paper using 17th-century techniques. He powered his enterprise solely with a water wheel.  In due course, Hunter began to travel the globe, collecting papermaking tools, books and artifacts. He ultimately wrote 20 books, eight of which were hand printed. Some are so gorgeous and elaborate that I must describe them as the first and finest paper promotions.

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Destination Portland: ‘Orphan Annie’ casts a milestone for type foundry/museum

[Tom Biederbeck]  When the Monotype sorts caster clattered back to life at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry in Portland, Ore., its first product was Stern, a font dedicated by Jim Rimmer to the namesake of this nonprofit “working museum, with emphasis on the working.” It’s a fitting milestone for a close-knit group of volunteers who launched the organization — devoted to “preserving the art and industry of the cast letterform” — in 2009. Furthermore »

The many (type)faces of Ryan Gosling

Have you seen Typographer Ryan Gosling? It seems to have no reason to exist other than to amuse its mysterious creator … and the rest of us. So who is the man, woman or team getting our attention with a simple “Hey girl”? And why?

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Paper cutting life & love with Rob Ryan

We’re always fascinated by the spaces in which artists work and play, so we were excited to see that Etsy toured the London studio of paper artist Rob Ryan, who hand-cuts scenes of life, love and humanity out of single sheets of paper. Furthermore »

John Hanford: Traveling with the tools of my trade

[John Hanford] I am an artist who enjoys carpentry, woodworking, photography and jewelry-making. Being a gadget lover, I also like steampunk and the retronaut movement. I recently found an outlet for my retro sensibilities by creating a new tool cabinet for myself from an old hard-sided sewing machine case.

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