Another slice of CAKE: Reflections on making the ‘Bound Away’ book

[Alyson Kuhn] Earlier this week, we featured CAKE’s Bound Away book, with insights from all of the bandmemb

ers. Today we are pleased to share the thoughts of Tommy Manzi, the band’s manager, about the bookmaking project. His perspective adds the proverbial frosting on the CAKE. Bon appétit!

A rainbow of the band’s T-shirts went into the mix.

“When Pam DeLuco [of BANDmade Books] first approached us during May 2010 about making a handmade book, it was obvious to all of us that her proposal was actually a perfect match with CAKE’s aesthetic. There were clear parallels with the way CAKE builds every studio album, each of which is also handmade in many respects.

Each batch of paper for the cover came out a different color.

“Not only did John and Gabriel have printing and paper making experience, but everything about the suggested book project corresponded seamlessly with CAKE’s principles, from the hands-on DIY nature of the entire bookmaking process, to the recycling aspects of making paper, end sheets and binding thread, to the philanthropic component that the band decided to incorporate.

Unbound copies of Bound Away (front center) surrounded by towers of completed books.

“That stated, the true value of the Bound Away book project for us was as a unique form of expression that carried with it an ability to inspire creativity on multiple levels. It is our hope that in a digital world, where books seem like an endangered species, we might raise awareness of this important art by providing a creative example for people who may not otherwise consider the possibilities and opportunities that come with writing, designing and printing.”

It’s a wrap: Because the book is a limited edition of 1000, each copy is numbered inside. The custom car sticker matches the color of the cover and bears the book’s number.

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