2011: To a year of eclectic calendars

Yesterday we showcased six calendars from Felt & Wire Shop, and today we are back with a second half-dozen, all delightfully different in form. These designer/printer/calendaristas have put a bit of the world around them — and their hopes for the new year — into their calendars. They might just inspire you to turn over a new leaf.

Blackbird Letterpress hopes 2011 will be a better year for the Mighty Pelican
[Kathryn Hunter] This is our homage to the Mighty Pelican, may she continue to thrive in her beauty. The 2011 calendar is letterpress printed on a Vandercook SP15. It’s a three-color reduction and multiple block linocut print, using hand carved linoleum and hand set lead type. The print measures 12 x 17.5 in., printed on 140# recycled paper with an attached tear-off calendar pad designed by us (with the new and full moons marked). If you look closely, there are raindrops printed in a transparent ink, may the ocean become cleansed. We will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this calendar to further help the Gulf Coast.

Ink + Wit welcomes the new year with a menagerie of totem animals
[Tara Hogan] This year’s calendar felt like it had to be conceptual and also have a narrative feeling. We all know it has been a trying two years in the world, and everywhere I go people are looking for answers — whether it be regarding a job, a partner, their health, a trip, etc. Illustrating totem animals and their symbolic meaning fast became a passion of mine. The thing is, I wanted more than the animal in the design. I wanted to give people something to get curious about, connect to, and investigate within themselves. Point being, animals have a way of showing up repetitively for us, but often we miss the signs. And the meaning of it all can be very revealing and healing.

Cummings & Good highlights the Blues “with attitude and longitude”
[Jan Cummings] Blue 2011 is the latest in a self-published series produced by the Cummings & Good design studio. Peter Good and I research and select or create all the images for the calendar pages and canister. We also choose all the illuminating facts and quotes. Philosopher Justin Good writes the cover’s introductory copy. When the year comes to a close, roll up the months and return them to this “time-capsule” canister — to store and protect your memories of 2011.

Pistachio Press invites you to have a fabulous 2011
[Rachael Hetzel] Designed and hand-drawn by Jim DeLucia (carvingmyinitials) and letterpress printed by Pistachio Press, the 2011 Fabulous Calendar was inspired by desert hiking, road trips with friends, a hare too fast for film, high rollers and hot tubs. It measures 11 x 17.5 in. and is printed in four colors.

Campbell Raw Press found inspiration (and fresh air) outdoors in Brooklyn
[Maggie Campbell] This year’s calendar is bound by hand with a Coptic stitch in dark brown waxed linen thread, and features Japanese silkscreened covers and hand-drawn letterpress-printed pages with a light green, vine-y background. From the binding, to the handwritten lettering, to the intricate vine drawings in the background, this was a labor of love from start to finish.

Vik recommends a regimen of stick-to-it-iveness and an apple a day
[David Welk] An Apple a Day calendar is a fun way of encouraging folks to sustain a long-term commitment to themselves by providing a goal and visual proof of their day-to-day progress. Initially it was intended to be a holiday gift to send to clients, colleagues, family, friends … and, apart from some head scratching from some of my less design-centric family members, it served this purpose well. Upon receiving the invoice from the printer, however, it became apparent that putting them up for sale certainly wasn’t going to hurt matters. So the audience has now become somewhat larger. I have two new versions of the calendar being printed as we speak, so keep an eye for those in the coming weeks!

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