In the Feedback Loop: Matter

Continuing our series of conversations with letterpress printers who participated in the Feedback Loop Notebook pro

ject, today we present Jeremy Peterson of Matter.

Just as a notebook is greater than the sum of its pages, the Feedback Loop project is greater than the sum of its partners — all of whom we thank for participating. (All limited edition notebooks are on sale now at Felt & Wire Shop in a special storefront to benefit School: by Design, an initiative by Design Ignites Change.)

What was the inspiration for your design?

One of our mottoes for our Matterial product line is, “If there’s a student trying to get their word on, we want to be a part of it.” Language and typography have always been a focus at Matter, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to support schools in a very language-focused way, using our Spellright tablet. That concept moved to the front page of this particular journal because, while we love students, we also encourage everyone to “get their word on” and think deeply about language. We are interested in disseminating the idea that language — even a single word — can be worth studying.

What were your considerations in selecting stocks?

Number one is, How will it perform for the user?, and number two is, How will it perform on our printing presses? We knew the Inxwell 80 text paper — in addition to being a very nice sheet to write on — would perform well on our offset press. For the covers, we chose a felt finish. We absolutely loved the Mango color and thought it made for a striking cover, a little playful and very eye catching.

What can you tell us about the printing of your notebook?

The interior pages were printed two-up in silver ink on our Ryobi 9800 CD offset press. The covers were printed two-up on our Chandler & Price 10 x 15-in. letterpress (1910) using a combination of hand-set lead type (24pt. Alt. Gothic), wood type and magnesium plates.

How did you approach binding your notebook?

Our journal is spiral bound on our binding machine (WireMac 31) using a metal coil. We find this method to be durable for the user and an economical way to use our time and money from a production standpoint.

What motivated you to participate in the Feedback Loop?

It all seemed like a good fit for us. Matter is a design studio, and we are letterpress printers because we find that it is important to be close to our means of production. Our Matterial line includes paper, prints and soft goods. These functional and sustainable tools are conceived, printed and packaged with rescued, reclaimed and/or recycled paper, and sweatshop-free soft goods. All Matterial is made with materials made in the USA.

On top of that, for every product we sell, we supply a local elementary school student with our Spellright tablet, designed specifically to assist students with spelling and vocabulary. [AK]

A. Kuhntributor ordered one of Matter’s Feedback Loop notebooks right away (on Launchy Wednesday). Then, feeling curious, she went to Matter’s website, and thence to their Matterial line. If you go there, you too will see, bottom left, a swell graphic — perhaps a vintage cut — of a hand wrapping a package and the simple declaration “Perfect as a gift, just ask anyone.” SO love it.

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Comments (2)

  1. Posted by Allyson on 09.21.10 at 9:29 am

    I also ordered Matter’s notebook on launch day (along with other selections). It lives prominently on my desk at home.

  2. Posted by A Kuhntributor on 09.21.10 at 3:08 pm

    And this Alyson received her notebook yesterday. The word is FAB. And the text pages are so smoooth in the nicest way. I say, All’s swell that Inxwell.

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