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If you think we Mohawk folks at Felt & Wire are paper-obsessed, surf over to Twinrocker and meet the people who started the handmade paper renaissance in the U.S. Since 1971, Kathryn and Howard Clark have combined their respective backgrounds in fine art and mechanical engineering to bring a fresh look to the ancient craft of hand papermaking. Twinrocker’s master papermakers form sheets in the most traditional manner, but also introduce innovative design.

Twinrocker makes its papers from the finest cotton rag, just as paper was made in Europe centuries ago. Aesthetically innovative, Twinrocker was the first hand mill to make a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including circular and square sheets. Papers are made in dozens of sizes, from 2″ x 3″ cards for invitations, up to 34″ x 48″ art papers with thicknesses ranging from text to board weights. To achieve beautiful, rough, surface texture, sheets are naturally air dried in Twinrocker’s drying loft, the way paper was dried hundreds of years ago. To meet the needs of the modern world, they also offer a smooth, yet toothy Cold Pressed surface and a very smooth Hot Pressed surface. Colored papers are tinted with light-fast pigments. All are archival and neutral pH. Twinrocker makes papers for printmaking, letterpress printing, and watercolor. Only handmade paper has four true naturally-deckled edges, and Twinrocker’s decorative, exaggerated “Feather” deckle is recognized world-wide as unique. Visit Twinrocker’s website to learn more about handmade papers or to order some of the finest handmade papers available.

The Twinrocker team, from left to right: Kathryn Clark, co-founder; Travis Becker, main papermaker and owner; Howard Clark, co-founder; Fran Lacy, mainly paper sales; Gerald McVay, papermaker and beater operator; Gail Sutton, supplies, sales, office manager.

Left: Travis dips a sheet of text paper.

Below: Travis places a newly formed stack of paper in Twinrocker’s one hundred ton press.

Laura Shore, a long-time fan of Twinrocker, included sheets of their handmade papers in the venerable Mohawk Specifier – now a collector’s item – back in the early 90s.

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  1. Posted by Rebecca on 06.4.09 at 11:55 am

    such a fan of Twinrocker. I used to live nearby–the studio is very much worth a visit and the paper…out of this world!

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