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[Alyson Kuhn] Chris Sacca loves his business card. No two ways – but definitely two sides – about it. His is not a business-as-usual card: no phone numbers, no address. Will you venture a guess as to what Chris Sacca does? Do the uppercase letters of Lowercase remind you of anything? If you guessed US currency, you are right on the money.

Chris is a venture investor. The back of his card is covered with some of his favorite twitterings – a smart idea from designer Crystal English. The orange uppercase letters spell out Lowercase. Chris’s name, title (Managing Director), e-mail address, and twitter address appear at the very bottom. The posts on the card give a great glimpse of Chris’s maverickosity. “The design challenge was that my ID has to be acceptable in all milieus – with two kids in a room building software, with multi-billion dollar investors in New York, with Federal agencies. I am normally the ‘disrupter,’ but I need to convey credibility and inspire confidence.”

The card debuted at the inauguration – Chris was a tech advisor to the Obama campaign. The card also had fun at the TED Conference a couple of weeks later. Crystal adds, “I wanted to design a card that wouldn’t just go straight into someone’s pocket, a card that would engage people.” She loves the idea that people literally feel the twitter feeds before they see them. “Now, they are stopping the conversation to read the copy! It’s changed their way of interacting with a card. I chose letterpress and the Strathmore stock so the card would feel classic and tactile in an age where technology is fleeting.”

Chris is adept at the 140-character twitter format (His followers topped the 100,000 mark last week) – but behind every feed on his card is a great anecdote. Check out Chris’s blog and you’ll see what I mean. He told me a truly article-worthy tale to illustrate his own experience of “the power of a business card.” And yes, he went on the press check for his new card. At the very end of our conversation he says, “We will be launching a site that goes with it – the card is the crown jewel.”

Business card: Strathmore Writing, Wove, Bright White, 130cb (352 gsm)
Client: Chris Sacca, based in San Francisco, but basically everywhere
Designer: Crystal English, San Francisco
Printer: One Heart Press, San Francisco
Printing process: Letterpress

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  1. Posted by oneheartpress on 03.12.09 at 12:32 pm

    Printing this card was a fun challenge: two over two with tight registration on the back with exacting margins to boot. Chris rolled into the shop on his longboard and we made sure everything was perfect for this unique card. Then we talked about Obama and his amazing campaign. Good times.

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