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Turning T-Shirts into Paper with MOO

Ariel Smullen

Here’s a formula for you. (MOO + Mohawk) + T-Shirts + Papermaking = NEW Cotton Business Cards made from T-Shirt scraps. That’s right; business cards made from the material we all know and love.

We’ve teamed up with MOO to give T-shirt scraps and cotton paper a whole new meaning. Cotton paper has been around for centuries but, re-purposing the cotton fibers found in left over fabric created during the process of making T-shirts was never thought of…until now.

“Working alongside Mohawk, we’ve taken this really old papermaking technique and brought it back up to date. We’ve really drawn from the heritage of paper making and it’s always a great place to look because it gives us a lesson in how to use the materials that are available to you.”
Toby Hextall
Head of Product Design at MOO

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The paper is a durable, beautifully textured, bright white paper exclusively available through MOO for a variety of business card sizes.

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“It’s a beautifully tactile, naturally white paper. You don’t have to change anything about your own identity. You don’t have to change anything about the design of your brand. The function of the product is exactly the same, but the story of the material is another talking point. We can’t wait to see what our customers put on these cards, how they use them and what they do with them.”
Richard Moross
CEO and Founder of MOO

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Go on! Check them out for yourself here.

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