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Sunset makes it ROCK

Jane Monast

The 2015 Sunset Printing Calendar was created “to celebrate with customers and friends the many ways that Sunset makes print rock.”

Mohawk partnered with Sunset again this year to showcase a variety of Mohawk papers printed offset, foil stamped, die cut, embossed, thermographied, engraved, letter pressed, and even grommetted (so that the Elvis cut out can do his signature leg shake). The calendar is an impressive demonstration of almost every specialty printing process imaginable and the Rock and Roll theme gave Sunset plenty of interesting artwork to embellish—Michael Jackson’s glove, Tina Turner’s broken heart, Mick Jagger’s tongue and Bob Dylan’s guitar, among others.

2015 Sunset Printing & Engraving Calendar
This calendar is full of different printing techniques

The introduction speaks to the enhancements that specialty processes bring to the artist’s creativity.  “Just like your favorite song can evoke memories and feelings from days and years before, a printed piece can express feelings that words cannot always convey.” The Sunset design team chose  a variety of distinct textures from the Mohawk Loop line of sustainable paper to set off the specialty processes—Antique Vellum, Feltmark, Linen, and Inxwell Vertical.

Printed on Mohawk Loop Smooth Pure White 110 Cover
Sculpted emboss/clear foil combo and CMYK
Printed on Mohawk Loop Feltmark Pure White 110 Cover
Sculpted blind emboss and CMYK
Printed on Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum 18pt
Thermography and CMYK

Sunset has a long history of quality craftsmanship and dedicated service.  Established in 1945, it is a three generation Hispanic-American-owned company providing full color offset printing, raised thermography, letterpress, engraving, foil stamping, digital print, embossing, and die-cutting, as well as data and mailing services, collateral and inventory to companies throughout the world. From their headquarters in Wharton, New Jersey, Sunset produces printed material in more than 14 languages and ships to over 20 countries around the globe.

Printed on Mohawk Loop Smooth Pure White 110 Cover
Foil stamp crown and CMYK
Printed on Mohawk Loop Feltmark Pure White 110 Cover
Blind emboss and CMYK
Printed on Mohawk Loop Feltmark Pure White 110 Cover
Diecut and CMYK

The introduction to the calendar ends with the claim that “anyone can print it, we can make it rock.”

Production Notes

Print Process
Foil Stamping
Materials + Techniques
Match Colors

Materials Used

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