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Materials Matter: The Cafeteria vs. The Restaurant


Imagine two lunch spots: a cafeteria and a restaurant. Each serve their own purpose, but which one would you bring a client or first date to?

A cafeteria is convenient and cheap. Produce from cans is served on plastic platters. The employees are short on conversation but masters of efficiency. With your choices limited and pre-cooked, you’re in and out in under an hour.

It’s good for what it is, but you’d never choose it to impress someone.


A few blocks away is a restaurant. At first glance, you know it’s special. The waitstaff helps select a meal and a drink that is exactly right. They serve locally sourced meats and produce harvested that morning. As soon as you leave, you’re eager to return.

The restaurant nourishes. It inspires. It provides a memorable experience.


Much of digital communication has become the cafeteria: fast and efficient. That’s why print needs to rise to the occasion. By taking advantage of the unique qualities of print, you can stand out and create something exceptional. Better materials—and the expert knowledge of them—are the special ingredient to take your projects from good to great.

If you’re looking for inspiration, examples, and more tips on how to increase the impact of your next printed project through careful paper selection, click here to learn more and take your work from good to great.

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