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Make with Mohawk: Halloween Spooktacular

Colorful skulls on an orange background

It's officially spooky season and we have something for you that's scary-good.

Now through the end of October, you can create your own skeleton mask with the Mohawk Printshop. Download our skeleton mask template and choose between a 9 x 12 Art Print, Risograph or 9 x 12 Art Print, Digital in the Printshop to create something creepy, kooky, mysterious or spooky. 

Use promo code SPOOKY13 for a treat ($13 off your order and free shipping) at the Mohawk Printshop — no trick. Be sure to share your spooktacular designs with us on social using the hashtag #MakeWithMohawk.

Skull template orange background
Step 1:
Design Mask (Download, Upload & Order)

No need to consult an Ouija board for a creepy concept; just download our skull template to design a disguise. You could even resurrect an idea that scared off a client! When you've finished, upload your design to the Mohawk Printshop as a 9 x 12 Art Print of your choice (Riso or Digital) and follow the Printshop's instructions to order.

Skull template being cut
Step 2:
Trim Edges
Skull mask demo
Step 3:

Once your print arrives, carefully trim your ghoulish creation to remove any excess and release your mask. Tape or glue a pencil, straw, popsicle stick or wooden stake to your mask, and then haunt the halls of your home or office.


Production Notes

Print Process
Digital Printing
Risograph (RISO)

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