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30 Letters in 30 days: Are you up for the #Write_On Challenge?

Ariel Smullen

In a technological era punctuated with e-mail, smart phones, tablets and texts, Mohawk believes strongly in the power of personal expression on paper. That’s why we are proud to support the 2018 Write_On campaign, an initiative designed to support and encourage the act of letter writing.

The Write_On campaign was developed by Egg Press founder Tess Darrow in 2014, and is also supported by San Francisco-based Hello!Lucky.

In 2014, Darrow challenged herself to write 30 letters in 30 days and invited the entire Egg Press staff, as well as the co-founders of Hello!Lucky, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, to join the fun. They all agreed that connecting to loved ones through a strong letter-writing practice was a great way to affirm their founding principles. What started as a humble effort has grown into a global movement. Write_On is now in its 5th year.

Throughout the month of April, we’re challenging our colleagues, employees and…YOU to write 30 letters in 30 days in an effort to transform the simple act of letter writing into a cultural movement.

Write_On Individual Kit
Printed on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100 Cover
Letter-Writing Prompt Cards
Printed on Strathmore Impress Pure Cotton Wove Light Gray 118 Cover

To inspire participation, Egg Press and Hello!Lucky created a limited-edition line of Write_On products. The Write_On Individual Kit ($10) includes 6 letterpress card (printed on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100 Cover), with matching envelopes, a Sakura of America Gelly Roll pen, stickers, and a handy sheet for logging your letters. In addition, participants can purchase letter-writing prompt cards (printed on Strathmore Impress Pure Cotton Wove Light Gray 118 Cover), a calendar, enamel pins, and larger bundled party packages to host your own letter writing party. Prices range from $4 for an enamel pin to $90 for a DIY Party Pack for 10 people.

As humans, we crave connection. And when you send someone a letter, the texture of the paper, quality of its color and feel in the hand all register with the person who receives it, instantly connecting you with them in a more meaningful way that digital communication can’t.


Are you up to the challenge? Learn more at, and don’t forget to share your efforts on social media by tagging #Write_On.

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