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Illustrator extraordinaire Craig Frazier collaborates with Mohawk on Sketchy

Craig Frazier warehouse

“For every finished illustration or design, there is a sketch sharing the same DNA.” – Craig Frazier
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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mohawk!


We loved this Disney animated short so much last Valentine’s Day that we’re bringing it back again for you – take a little break today to watch this adorable love story between two strangers, who get a little help from some paper..

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Meet me at the intersection of tech and touch: DxB Conference

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You have been waiting for this. You have been waiting to join designers from all disciplines—architecture, interactive, graphic, environmental, fashion, interior, furnishing, and product design—to come together and exchange different approaches of design thinking and beyond. You’ve been waiting to hear from experts how technology and tradition can work together hand-in-hand.

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Martha Stewart American Made: Spotlight on DODOcase


We know you’ve heard of DODOcase from us before. So we’ll get right to the point! The Martha Stewart American Made program, which Mohawk recently announced its support for, is all about unique, hand crafted, beautiful goods created by American makers. It’s similar to our Maker publications, which are centered on this idea. We believe a culture of craft is emerging, embracing handmade, quality goods.

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Mohawk + Martha Stewart Living, A New Partnership


We are in the midst of a cultural ‘maker’ movement, emphasizing the importance of crafting beautiful, unique products by hand.

We believe making is the most fundamental expression of the human spirit, and Mohawk recently introduced three new publications which feature the stories of printers, designers, manufacturers, artists, artisans, musicians, and all those who make their living as makers.

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The Making of Mohawk’s New Maker Quarterly Publications


Dora Drimalas and Brian Flynn, principals of Hybrid Design are designers as you might have guessed, but their love of creating goes deeper. These two are makers — who just happen to have designed the new ‘Mohawk Maker’ Campaign.

We sat down with Dora to talk about the new Mohawk campaign, and what this ‘maker movement’ is all about.

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