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Champion of Craft: Lisa Congdon


As we celebrate the influence of art and design on perception with the recently released Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we’re taking a closer look at the group of talented makers featured in issue five.  Furthermore »

Constructing the Deconstructed


Lisa Nilsson wants to see what you’re made of.  No amount of profile photos from Facebook or search results on Google will quell her fascination. This North Adams, Massachusetts-based artist is interested in the minutiae of your makeup. Nilsson patiently builds cross-sections of human anatomy using paper filigree, a method of coiling and rolling narrow strips of paper to create decorative work.

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Studio Insider: Hybrid Design


What could be more unique than being greeted by a seven foot toy sentry as you walk into work? That’s what puts a smile on the faces of the folks that work at San Francisco-based Hybrid Design and Super7 (a globally recognized collector toy store).

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Got MUJI? John Madere gets close to the source

Found MUJI 570

[Alyson Kuhn] I am a big fan of MUJI, the Japanese company that sells an incredible range of well-designed stuff. Until several months ago, the handful of MUJI stores in North America were all in New York. Then, at 11 a.m on Nov. 30, 2012, MUJI was set to open in San Francisco, and I planned to be there. Early that morning, I was on the phone with photographer John Madere in New York. We’ve shopped together at a couple of MUJI locations in NYC, and when I told him about the grand opening, he told me about a special MUJI he had found in Tokyo—appropriately called Found MUJI.

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Designing for the planet: Matias Delfino at the United Nations

matias portrait

[Tom Biederbeck] It’s said that visual artists speak a universal language. For graphic designers it’s more complicated, if only because they also work with written language. Imagine for a moment the challenges—and the opportunities—designers experience at the United Nations, with its 193 member countries: If ever an organization needed the gifts that skilled visual communicators offer, this is it. I asked Matias Delfino, who’s been at the UN since 2000, about his practice. As a native of Argentina, he may have a head start—but his thoughts reveal universal truths about design, too.

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Inside the studio: Michael Osborne Design

IMG_2241 lede

[Tom Biederbeck] A studio space is ultimately just another tool to aid in the creative process. And because the judicious application of breaks and other forms of relaxation is essential to inspiration, Michael Osborne Design’s new quarters in San Francisco include a porch swing—capacity three (four with a squeeze). Designers do not thrive in cubicles alone. Furthermore »