Building Memories in Paper

wishram p r 09

Paper is as much a part of sacred memories as family vacations and first dates. We formed our first letters across the light blue lines of primary school wide-ruled notebook paper. We cut into soft-yet-crisp construction paper for our first art projects. We carefully selected shade and paper texture for our wedding invitations.

For many designers, including Albany, New York-based artist Ken Ragsdale, the love of constructing with paper doesn’t fade with time.

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Artisan Books – Making Bespoke Books Beautifully


Bespoke. The word conjures images of fine quality, handcrafted items. Artisan Books fit this description; they make beautiful books.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mohawk!


We loved this Disney animated short so much last Valentine’s Day that we’re bringing it back again for you – take a little break today to watch this adorable love story between two strangers, who get a little help from some paper..

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Mohawk Maker Interview: Scrumptious, Hand-rolled Beauty’s Bagels


“We kind of obsess over the details of our business. We think that the small things contribute so greatly to the experience of the customer, probably without them even realizing it.” We couldn’t agree more with this statement – which is why Beauty’s Bagel Shop is a featured Maker in the latest issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly.

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Valentine’s Day the Mohawk Way


The art of letter writing is a powerful thing. Receiving a handwritten note from a loved one is memorable, tangible, and a perfect way to express affection in a lasting way. We live in a digital age, but nothing beats a handwritten note on a beautiful card. There are groups that are dedicating themselves to this ‘lost art’, and letter writing campaigns that are meant to express emotion and showcase beautiful stationery.

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Mohawk Craft Cooperative, Issue 03: The Business of Details


“It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning,” says Francis Atterbury of Hurtwood Press. We couldn’t agree more, which is why Mr. Atterbury’s quote is featured on a full page fold-out poster in the third issue of the Mohawk Craft Cooperative.

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