So Noted: Landfill


Okay. I have to admit I’m a sucker for idea-driven design. Great ideas – appropriately executed – tend to live on and change the way we think about things. The first annual issue of “Landfill”, by Brian Ponto and Greg Barber, is billed as a “post-consumer publication.” The project is a meditation on second chances – but also on paper, print communication, and renewal.

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The inside story


[Alyson Kuhn] I have been wrapping little soaps as gifts since the early ’80s. I recently started wrapping them in “inside tint” papers, which I trim out from security envelopes. For the most part, the patterns are not very engaging individually, but in combination, they have a certain charm, even a mystique. I would say they become somewhat wabi-sabi when used together.

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So Noted: FPO


We were sorry to learn a few weeks back that Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit had closed down their blog, Speak Up. For the past few years, Speak Up was like the water cooler we never had, with gossip, stories, and lively conversation about design.

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The Art of Circus: A Letterpress Sideshow


Who knew what amazing tale would unfold, like a concertina, when a friend forwarded me an e-vite to The Art of Circus: A Letterpress Sideshow? Even though I couldn’t touch anything, I could feel the fun — like the proverbial barrel of monkeys. So, I called up Barbara Wardlow, who represents Mohawk in Texas and happens to know everyone under the Big Top. Ready, set, go gaga.

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Notes on saying Thank You


I actually love to write thank-you notes, for at least two reasons. First, the fact that I “owe” someone a thank-you note means that I have been the recipient of something “thank-worthy.” And second, it provides a kuhntext for saying various nice things – nice things that someone can read over and over.

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So Noted: Green Chair Press Blog


Before I fell in love with paper, I fell in love with books. I love to read them of course, but even more, I love to experience them as physical objects. Clearly Susan Angebranndt of Green Chair Press shares my obsession. Her blog is a rare treat – intelligent, straightforward, inspirational.

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