A swell Decibel from Volume


Our design friends at Volume in San Francisco are offering a really cool poster history of the San Francisco music scene to 100 people who say “Thanks” by mail. This is fresh news — partners Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman broadcast this deal just yesterday, in their terrific occasional newsletter, the Decibel (dB).

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Design Destinations: The genius of Cerdà

BCN_postcard - 1

[Katie Barcelona] A narrow window of the Magical Observatory opens when you arrive somewhere new. It’s this visceral catapult, like every synapse in your body is firing in unison, over and over again, and you see every moment in space and time with lighted eyes. You know that feeling? That’s what travel does for me.

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Green Loop: Learning sustainability from an old chick with a French name


Brian Dougherty, author of Green Graphic Design and principal of Celery Design Collaborative, is known for championing environmental stewardship in his practice. Here he talks about his studio’s recent experience rebooting a venerable brand, and how the process points the way to new approaches to advancing sustainable design.

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Philagraphika 2010

Gunilla Klingberg, Brand New View, 2009; photo by: Ulrike Sheperd

[Laura Shore] Philagrafika 2010 is an international festival that celebrates the role of print as a vital force in art today. Now through April 11, 2010, throughout the city of Philadelphia. Furthermore »

Significant Objects

signifcant objects

[Laura Shore] Our friend Debbie Millman had me at “bad, bad, bad.” Check out Millman’s story of a globe paperweight, the mysterious Susan and the really cool thought experiment Significant Objects … in which you can participate by searching for other significant objects on ebay.

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The dress, transformed, at Kate’s Paperie

paper fashions 2010-2

[Tom Biederbeck] The mannequins in their elegant paper dresses in the windows of Kate’s Paperie stores never shift their eyes, but they’re witness to the confluence of three remarkable creative events: NY Fashion Week, the first annual Paper Ball, and Slash: Paper Under the Knife, a Museum of Arts and Design exhibition sponsored by Kate’s Paperie.

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