Everybody Dance Now

"Everybody Dance Now" at the AIGA New York

I’ve been involved with the translation of dance to the printed page for many years, first as designer and art director of a magazine called Dance Ink, and later as the designer and editor of 2wice. Both are on display until May 22nd at the AIGA in New York, in a retrospective of the two publications.

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Reform School


Gelatobaby’s recent post on knitting sent me straight to ReForm School. Being obsessed with paper, I was drawn to their literature section and found The Most Perfect Card on the Paper Planet.

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Reading behind the lines


When Mohawk acquired the Strathmore fine paper grades in 2005, the iconic watermark came under creative scrutiny. Pentagram, Mohawk’s long-time design strategists of record, recommended asking typographers Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones to redraw the watermark to work as a wordmark. Let’s look at the refinements they made.

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So Noted: Briar Press


With over 30,000 registered members, this fantastic site is where letterpress lovers come to connect, learn about their craft, download cool old “cuts and caps” and spend time with others who care more about kerning than their significant others do.

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Beautiful Angle-phile


[Alyson Kuhn] We received an e-mail last week that simply said: You may be interested in the Beautiful Angle project. You can read about it on Wikipedia or go to the site at www.beautifulangle.com. I was impressed with the sender’s minimalism: No adjectives, no hints, just 130-some characters. Well, this project is so fab, words almost fail me! But I will recover and write a very long post.

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So Noted: 1,000 Journals


“We were all creative people and now we go to work every day and sit in traffic. So what happened?” This is the question that SomeGuy set out to answer with his collaborative art project 1000 Journals.

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