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I read. A lot. And I enjoy talking about the books I’m reading. My impromptu reviews must be fairly convincing, because most of these conversations end with, “I’d love to read that when you’re done.”. Which works for me, since I also love to share. My only challenge is that I usually end up promising the same book to several people. Not a big deal if the books make it back to me, but they rarely do. I don’t mind, really, but I do end up with a disappointed future reader once in awhile.

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Net gain


Last Sunday, I attended an Earth Day celebration in Santa Barbara. The weather was glorious, the exhibitors were sunny, the crowd was happening – and hula-hooping. The reigning give-away was definitely recyclable grocery bags, primarily in shades of green. But the net bags I bought from French Basketeer are my favorite find. I was going to wait and write about them on May 31, which will be the company’s first birthday…

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So Noted: Scrapbooks


Jessica Helfand has recently authored Scrapbooks: An American History. This richly illustrated book, published by Yale University Press, is the first to focus close attention on the history of American scrapbooks—their origins, their makers, their diverse forms, the reasons for their popularity, and their place in American cultural life.

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Spring Art Thing


’tis the moment to be pastel, whether you’re a bud, a Spring sweater, or an Easter egg. A Crafty Mom (CM) of our acquaintance recently came up with quite the bright idea for egg-dyeing supplies. When her children were finished coloring their eggs, CM let them paint greeting cards. The wax crayon from the kit was irresistible {like this pun} for printing the message.

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Bon mots from Bell’occhio


Bell’occhio, whose last three syllables are the same as Pinocchio, is greater than the sumptuousness of its parts: an exquisite shop, a simple-yet-superb website, and gift presentations that have charmed recipients for over 20 years now. Bell’occhio gets lots of great press for its whimsy, but I want to show you some of its wit.

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Strutting Their Strathmore


The winners of The Strathmore Show for the first quarter of 2009 have been selected. I chatted with someone at each of the three design firms and hope you will enjoy this up-close-and-papery reportage. Thought-provoking question: What do these three projects have in common {other than that they are all printed on Strathmore}? The first five readers to respond will receive The Editor’s Spring Stamp Fling.

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