Beautiful Angle-phile


[Alyson Kuhn] We received an e-mail last week that simply said: You may be interested in the Beautiful Angle project. You can read about it on Wikipedia or go to the site at I was impressed with the sender’s minimalism: No adjectives, no hints, just 130-some characters. Well, this project is so fab, words almost fail me! But I will recover and write a very long post.

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So Noted: 1,000 Journals


“We were all creative people and now we go to work every day and sit in traffic. So what happened?” This is the question that SomeGuy set out to answer with his collaborative art project 1000 Journals.

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Behind the scenes at Lunalux


Jenni Undis first visited Lunalux in 1995, on a field-trip from Macalester College in St. Paul. Her graphic design professor wanted to show the class “how people who had studied fine art actually could put their degrees to use.” Can you guess what happened next?

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Guest Post: Typing about type


Last night I saw designers Matteo Bologna and Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich speak about type, as one of AIGA Philadelphia’s Community Choice programs. In addition to their very public work, the duo fontastico showed a myriad of brilliant projects that I was unfamiliar with. Visceral visions of Balthazar, Bembo’s Zoo, Pastis and Parc swirled in a mix of brands, identities, vintage typefaces and memorable meals. 

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Ready, set, read


Setting the Table by Danny Meyer is neither an etiquette book nor a foody memoir. The author is the owner-operator of eleven successful New York restaurants, and he serves up some tasty anecdotes, but the main course is a generous helping of business advice. The book’s perfectly-prepared tagline is: The transforming power of hospitality in business.

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Blogwise: The Daily Heller


Last Wednesday, The Daily Heller wrote about Malcolm Dean’s extensive collection of wood type, which is for sale. Several followers suggested potential homes for the collection… and then last Friday, Al Gowan, Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston posted (electronically, so we can all see it) an amazing offer.

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