Aerograms were very popular in the 1940s and 50s, when mail delivery by air was new. The aerogram format combined envelope and notesheet {and sometimes pre-printed postage} on a single piece of lightweight paper. Today, this “onesie” construction may be ripe for a stylish and sustainable comeback.

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Stamp Chat


If you can arrange to be at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA on Sunday afternoon, March 22, you have a neat treat in store. Designer Terry McCaffrey, Manager of Stamp Development for the USPS, will give a gallery walk and talk in conjunction with the exhibition “Trailblazers & Trendsetters,” which presents original art for 75 US postage stamps.

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Spot on


Last Thursday’s opening reception of What the *#&! is social design? (*#&! for short) at the Academy of Art University’s Gallery 79 in SF rendered several hundred people euphoric, including me. The exhibition is info-packed, interactive, and uppercase Inspiring. It is also the collaborative MFA thesis project of AAU students Ashley Ciecka and Michael Jeter.

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Déjà Doodah


I am in the mood to talk about accent marks. Lòók closely, please. Accent marks have a primary purpose, and it is not decorative. Strictly speaking, accent marks aren’t optional, nor are they interchangeable. If the accent marks should be acute (as in Résumé), it would be wrong, acutely wrong, to substitute grave accents. And leaving them out can lead to confusion. I resume….

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Social media indeedia


[Alyson Kuhn] Chris Sacca loves his business card. No two ways – but definitely two sides – about it. His is not a business-as-usual card: no phone numbers, no address. Will you venture a guess as to what Chris Sacca does? Do the uppercase letters of Lowercase remind you of anything? If you guessed US currency, you are right on the money.

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My newest favorite item from Lee Valley Tools is a pair of Clamshell Scissors. They aren’t sleek or sexy, or even cute. They look kind of dorky, but they are the tough tool for the job. The catalog copy felt my pain: Plastic clamshell packaging is a curse for consumers. The plastic is thick and tough, making it easy to wound yourself… Exactly.

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