Thinking about Make/Think

AIGA Make Think

[Laura Shore] I have attended every AIGA design conference since the early 1980s. Mohawk is always a sponsor, we make our hotel reservations early, and I generally don’t think about the conference much until a few weeks before, when I start checking out the attendee list and the speaker roster. If you’re still thinking about going to Memphis for the 2009 conference, start making tracks. Hotel rooms are selling out…

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Papery pleasures: San Francisco


[Alyson Kuhn] My Connecticut colleagues, Pam and Kim, were in town a couple of weeks ago, and we spent a long morning devoted to esthetic enrichment. I went to some of my favorite spots, but also arranged to visit Atelier Gargoyle, where I’d never been. To say the Atelier received our seal of highest approval would be an understatement and a pun.

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Flight 93 National Memorial

Ingalls 570 1

[Thomas Ingalls] In the summer of 2004, I received a call from my long-time friend and colleague Helene Fried, asking me to work on the materials for the Flight 93 National Memorial design competition. The memorial would be a new national park comprised of the crash site as well as the fields and hillsides surrounding it. The National Park Service and the Families of Flight 93 had partnered to organize the design competition.

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Impressed by letterpress


[Tom Biederbeck] Mystery, history and the hands-on appeal of letterpress were in evidence last Saturday at the opening of Impressed by Design: Letterpress in the Heartland. The exhibition is also an homage to the home community of designer Steve Hartman, who conceived this unusual show at the Edwardsville Art Center.

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Fontroversy: Ikea typografisk

IKEA home

[Alyson Kuhn] Ikea is in the news. I first heard about this last Saturday, on Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me, the NPR news show. Host Peter Sagal asks panelist Mo Rocca what recent change has Ikea customers up in arms, and Mo begins fishing, Not their logo… not their color scheme… and Peter says, It has to do with their catalogs. Mo tries, You’re going to have to put it together yourself without instructions?

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Modern Paper Culture


[Alyson Kuhn] Chris Wu’s motivation for founding Paper Culture came from two perspectives. One side of Chris’s brain had worked at Snapfish {subsequently acquired by Hewlett Packard} and then at HP, incubating new businesses, primarily in web-to-print. The other side of Chris’s brain was an expectant father… with a wife who had put him in full charge of the baby announcements. So, they weren’t twinspirations exactly, more like the two earpieces on a great pair of headphones.

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