So Noted: DIY wallet


[Laura Shore] Our hyper-connected friend Lee Moody just sent along a link to a twisted DIY article on the website Originally designed to accompany the U.K. launch of Wired Magazine, the article gives instructions for turning your recently-read magazine into a DVD sleeve, paper bowl, photo frame, and {my favorite} paper wallet.

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Reflections on receipts


[Alyson Kuhn] On Memorial Day 2002, I was semi-sequestered in NYC, writing the first half {Paper} of the SpecLogix Compendium of Paper and Printing. I wandered downstairs for lunch at a Frenchy café… and overheard one of the young men at the adjacent table animatedly tell the other about something he had recently read, about receipts and how much context they provide. As a keeper of receipts of interest, I needed to know more, and fast, since my neighbors were almost done with lunch.

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Printing on anything


[Tracy Smith] If you have ever found yourself wishing you could just design and print your own stationery, fabric or even furniture, then you should get your hands on Lena Corwin’s newest book Printing By Hand. This DIYer’s dream-come-true is chock full of hand-printing techniques using stamps, stencils, and silkscreens. Projects include printing stationery, bed sheets, t-shirts, bureaus and more. Free with purchase: gorgeous photography of said projects.

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Handwriting = Typography


[Alyson Kuhn] Handwriting = Typography is the title of an upcoming workshop at the San Francisco Center for the Book {SFCB}, taught by renowned

calligrapher Georgianna Greenwood. This notion seems the perfect follow-up to last week’s posts about TypeCon2009.

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Typeface: The Film


[Alyson Kuhn] Typeface, Justine Nagan’s film about the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum premiered at TypeCon2009 in Atlanta last week. About 300 type types {type aficionados, typophiles, tiposcenti, typomaniacs &c.} attended the screening and the lively panel discussion afterwards. I had a chance to chat with Justine by phone after the happy fact. {I was there in spirit only, but had received an advance copy of the film.} Here are some of her comments.

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So Noted: Origami City


[Laura Shore] We love people who master and then subvert traditional crafts, so we were amazed and inspired by an article in London’s Daily Telegraph. A Japanese origami artist, Wataru Ito, has created an elaborate origami city, using only scissors, paper and glue.

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