Thought Processor


The opening of the first Thought Processor group show last Saturday night at Super7 in San Francisco exceeded all of our expectations. None of us – 19 local artists participated – had done a show like this before. Plus, none of the artists {except me} had worked from a paper template before. Everybody was working outside their comfort zones for sure. That’s when some fun stuff can happen. Here’s how the project started.

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Alphabetilately extended through 2009 in DC


Alphabetilately is indeed a long word, but it contains no extra letters. It is alphabet + philately. The eponymous exhibition currently at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum {NPM} has just been extended through 2009. It showcases 26 designs created at 26 different studios in the San Francisco Bay Area back in 1997, for an AIGA SF event called Ephemera Philatelica.

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Guest Post: Elements of Maira


I recently visited Maira Kalman’s original illustrations for the 2005 reissue of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style. These vibrant and playful pieces are on display at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester until August 2. I first encountered The Elements of Style twenty years ago in a freshman creative writing class – when my professor handed back a graded assignment, and asked why I was taking his course.

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Timeless Treasures’ vintage letters


Timeless Treasures is indeed full of treasures: letters, letterpress loot, and lots o’ la-di-dahs. Style-savvy refers to the shop as Alphabet City. Proprietress Joan O’Connor finds vintage letters everywhere, and she scouts Felt & Wire’s very own Letterpress Directory for sources of noteworthy cards.

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So noted: Hollander’s


We have our Google alert set to Mohawk and paper, which is always leading us to new and interesting sites. This weekend, we stumbled on Hollander’s, a bookbinder’s and paper lover’s destination in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With a huge selection of decorative papers (including our beloved Superfine), professional-level bookbinding classes, books, and stationery, Hollander’s may be the reason there are so many amazing letterpress shops in the upper Midwest.

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Shades of Fillamento


Iris Fuller, the impresaria of Fillamento, recently exhibited a series of shadowbox assemblages at Thomas Reynolds Gallery in San Francisco. Shellie Cohen {Felt & Wire’s Most Roving Reporter} happens to be the Niece of Iris, and she tipped us off about the show… which provided a veritable rainbow of rapture and reminiscence.

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