So Noted: James Beard Award for your restaurant design?

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[Noreen Morioka] What makes a restaurant experience even better than tons of buttery sauces? You’ve guessed it: great restaurant design work! The submission deadline for the James Beard Awards for Restaurant Design and Graphics has been extended until Feb. 2nd for Felt & Wire readers.

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Power of community = powerful calendar


[Suzanne McKenzie] I want to share a personal story with you about the power of collaboration. For me, this story highlights the impact of working together and the caliber of professionals that make up our AIGA community.

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Our toast to thermography

thermo homepage

[Alyson Kuhn] I learned to love “thermo” when I worked at Dickson’s, Inc., in Atlanta from 1990 to 1994. Rather than show you examples from my robust archives, we’re illustrating this post with a few 21st-century thermo projects from Dickson’s — examples that happily allow us to continue our wine theme.

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So Noted: Take the Studio 360 Valentine’s Day challenge

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Valentine’s Day is the quasi-holiday some people love to loathe. Here at Felt & Wire we’re terminal romantics and resist the urge to pile on with the heart-haters. But we can’t pass up a good makeover, which is what Studio 360 offers in its design challenge “Be My Valentine” — an opportunity to get Valentine’s Day out of its aesthetic rut.

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So Noted: Design for social change takes to the road


[Tom Biederbeck] Ingredients for a revolution: 25 schools, 75 days, 6300 miles, 1 vintage Airstream trailer, 40 humanitarian products and projects. Emily Pilloton is mixing them into the launch of the Design Revolution Roadshow, setting out Feb. 1, with an official launch party Feb. 4 at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

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Sketchbook: Karl Heine’s journals build histories & futures


[Karl Heine & kHyal] It was my grandmother who inspired me to create Designer Journals™. She was a consummate adventurer and documented all her experiences. I found this out simply by being a passenger on her travels — not a passenger by any specific means, but as a guest on her adventures in the filtering light of my youth.

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