The Zero-Tolerance Factor


[David Mayes] My father, Richard Inskip Mayes, was an English professor, a raconteur, a Beat, a poet, and more. He entrusted four decades worth of his poems to me in 1988, hoping I would be able to print them at my job. Twenty years later, I have finally fulfilled that wish.

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Cork & Wire


[Alyson Kuhn] Oh-là-là! Behold the Eiffel Tower made of cork and wire, the handiwork of artist Steven Leslie, who also thought of Cork & Wire as the title for this post. We could refer to his workplay as a courk de force. This Eiffel Tower was commissioned by Andrea Drexelius of French Basketeer, for her stand at the French Festival in Santa Barbara this past weekend.

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Mick’s Spacemats flashback!


[Michael Hodgson] This all started with Eric Baker, who emailed Tom Ingalls, who emailed Alyson Kuhn, who emailed Pam & Kim at W&H, who emailed me: Jayme Odgers is having a show and can you blog about it for Felt & Wire? Of course I said No, I am too busy and what is “Feet and Wine” anyway?

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Bastille Day chez moi


[Alyson Kuhn] J’aime Bastille Day. I have celebrated July 14 in several cities, and today I am fêting Le Quatorze Juillet in Napa. I have invited some friends over for the afternoon. These two French stamps, which I bought at the Musée de la Poste in Paris in 2002… could have made a lovely invitation, but I opted for a non-philatelic e-vitation. Yes, oui {The Editorial Oui} kuhnfess to sending an e-vitation. Regardez….

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Behind the Scenes at Peculiar Pair Press


[Alyson Kuhn] Mary Beth Fiorentino and Amy Hayson worked together in the graphic design department of a Big Corporation in San Francisco. Shortly after their department was downsized in 2001, Mary Beth and Amy flew off to Mexico {with the other four women from their team}. On that very trip, they decided to open a letterpress business.

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From Martinez with love


Today is my friend Sheryn’s birthday, her sixty-sixth, and I mailed her birthday card to Kentucky on Friday with eleven 6¢ stamps. But this envelope is obviously not that envelope. As it happens, yesterday was Sheryn’s retirement party, and Bill and Nancy and I sent her this Express Mail envelope for Saturday delivery, bearing a hilarious Shoebox Greetings card and the lyrics to “I’ll Be Retiring in the Morning,” to the tune of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” from My Fair Lady. We didn’t know it’s her least favorite melody from her very favorite musical.

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