Letter me entertain you


[Alyson Kuhn] My letterhead and second sheet are Monarchs, measuring 7.25 x 10.5 inches. I have always loved this size, and not just because of the name. Some people also refer to this as “executive size.” I like the proportions, and the fact that the folded sheet nests nicely in its envelope, which is 7.5 inches wide. Logical, cozy, elegant. (Let’s not get me started on the flabby fit of 8.5 x 11 paper inside a #10 envelope.)

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Have an AOK day!


[Alyson Kuhn] Today, I would like to show off my AOK business cards, OK? Strictly speaking, AOK is not my monogram, or even my moniker. (My middle initial is R.) The O is a wingding that my friend and design guardian angel Michael Osborne sent me.

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Thoughts on my desk

Desk Home

[Bari Zaki] My life revolves around my desk. It’s the first place I go in the morning, and the first place I go when I get home. The desk itself  connects me to what I believe is most important, in a word: writing – whether it’s my list for the day, a letter to a friend, or a jot, a scribble, a reminder.

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The Perfect Mess


[Laura Tarrish] “No, no, don’t apologize…it just means you’re creative.” How many times have I heard that phrase when the rare visitor is allowed into my studio?  Every. Single. Time. Whereas the main level of my home is an exercise in tasteful restraint. My collections are curated and contained, the walls and surfaces free from too much clutter. Artwork from talented friends. Good lighting and fresh flowers {always fresh flowers}.

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Here’s my home library story


[Ann Koller Flower] Yes, I support my local public library. In fact I am a librarian at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. But I love having my own library. I love the decadence of buying a new book by one of my favorite authors when it comes out. Which means I have lots and lots of books.

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Guest Post: Bierut to New York, Drop Dead


[Richard Shear] Last Friday, mischief night, and the moon was full, the Yankees had the night off, and the new AIGA Metro-North chapter celebrated its first year by hosting a special Halloween Dead Brands evening in Sleepy Hollow, home of Washington Irving’s famous legend of Ichabod Crane, the Connecticut schoolmaster, and his escape from the headless horseman.

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