Getting oohs, aahs & OMGs with laser cutting


[Carrie Hamilton] This holiday season, I stumbled across a special process with all the impact of die cutting, and as luscious as letterpress: laser cutting. The paper I chose was equally luscious: Strathmore Vellum Cover Bristol.

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Our Man Biederbeck


[Alyson Kuhn] If you missed Sean Adams’s post yesterday, I urge you to click it out. Sean asked Tom Biederbeck, new editor of Felt & Wire, if he’d ever thought about being a war correspondent. Tom dodged the question like it was a live round, but offered up many insights into his editorial persona. By way of welcome to our blog party, I want to toast Tom as an accomplished social correspondent.

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3Qs: Sean Adams has three questions for Tom Biederbeck


[Sean Adams] For several years I dedicated myself to advancing the design profession and designers. In addition to serving as AIGA president, I wrote a column for STEP magazine, “Q&A,” which gave me the opportunity to interview amazing designers. When Tom Biederbeck, my steadfast editor at STEP, asked me to do this column for Felt & Wire, I was thrilled — not only because of Tom’s involvement, but due to the association with Mohawk Fine Papers.

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PS: My type of humor

onion grab

[Alyson Kuhn] I am a morning person, and I love to laugh before breakfast. This very morning, delivered to my desktop at 8 a.m.: the newest All Things Typographic from Ilene Strizver, with a topic that made me chortle aloud even before I clicked on the link: “Alphabet Updated with 15 New Letters”! Click here, to travel back in time to Dec. 10, 2009, when The Onion reported on the new ABCs for the new decade. This is fine news indeed!

Re:trospective on 2009


[Alyson Kuhn] I have loved being the editor of Felt & Wire during its first year of life. The ease of e-publishing has changed my life beyond my wildest imaginings. Think it, write it, post it. Love it. Thanks to technology, my inspiration and gratification have sometimes been almost simultaneous. And 2009 has been My Most Postal Year. I wish to toast my correspondents, both new and renewed – and encourage you to click those links.

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Our toast to toasting


[Alyson Kuhn] Quite the kuhnvergence of paper pals and other friends at my party this past Toastday. Many guests, and even a couple of absentees, indulged me with toastess gifts I’ll show-and-tell you about. Some countrymen also lent me their toasters. Scene at left: The official toastmeister’s travel toaster, installed on my kitchen table. What you don’t see: the temporarily-disabled bleeping smoke detector and my all-time favorite toasting vehicle, a DeLonghi toaster oven named Alfredo. But this is no time for a toastimonial.

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