So Noted: Twinrocker


If you think we Mohawk folks at Felt & Wire are paper-obsessed, surf over to Twinrocker and meet the people who started the handmade paper renaissance in the U.S. Since 1971, Kathryn and Howard Clark have combined their respective backgrounds in fine art and mechanical engineering to bring a fresh look to the ancient craft of hand papermaking. Twinrocker’s master papermakers form sheets in the most traditional manner, but also introduce innovative design.

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Notebooks of note


I saw many notebooks last week at the stationery show. These from Albertine Press were among my favorites: barely bigger than an index card, with letterpress-printed covers, and motifs that make me happy. Might a notebook this neat and petite inspire me to make my notes in one place, rather than on every kuhnceivable scrap? Maybe. I’m a big fan of writing things down, but I like to type them. But this is beside the point, which is that in the past twelve hours, I have become fascinated by former Senator Bob Graham’s notebooks and the scrupulosity with which he has recorded his life in them for decades.

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On May 4, Steven “The Daily” Heller featured the chocolate bars made by Mast Brothers in Brooklyn. He gave them “current fave” status for taste, plus a design distinction for their wrappers. Given that I would be in The Big Apple a fortnight hence, I hastened to prevail upon J. Milgram {Our Man in Brooklyn} to pick up ultra-fresh bars at The Source and bring them to brunch in Manhattan my first morning there.

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Rooting for Michael B.


Last night, I got to hear Michael Bierut speak at an AIGA Philadelphia event at Moore College of Art & Design. Michael was the final speaker in the chapter’s 2009 Community Choice Lecture Series. I’ll get all the wordplay right out of the way: I felt the wire couldn’t have been higher. I had great expectations for Michael’s talk… and they were handily and humorously exceeded. I’ll skip the multisyllabic superlatives and simply say that I loved, loved, LOVED his presentation. Which turned out to be a double feature!

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Japan by Design


The Big Apple hosts The Preserved Plum: The International Contemporary Furniture Fair always runs concurrently with the National Stationery Show, and this year’s unexpected treat was the Japan Pavilion, an exquisite shopping exhibition, with a highly-worthy catalogue. Even before I saw umpteen objets I’d love to have {very organic white porcelain plates, a heavenly humidifier, semi-constructed fashion-forward furoshiki}, I had been drawn to ripples of Japonaiserie upstairs at the Stationery Show. I am loving this zensibility.

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You say witty, I say whutty….


The Big Convention Center, The Big Apple How do I laugh thee? Let me count the ways… Notable newcomers at this year’s National Stationery Show include several start-up card companies that put their humor front and center. Here is my report on whose what provoked the biggest laughs from our roving band. I’ve included lots o’ links so that you can read the small print.

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