More than a typographic lovefest


[Allan Haley] TypeCon has been described as “personal and intimate,” “more fun than a room full of type geeks,” “the best place for typographic information and inspiration,” “a typographic lovefest,” and simply “a great little conference.” It is

all of these – and more. TypeCon is held in late summer each year, in a different North American city. This year’s gathering of typographic aficionados was held in Atlanta last week, from July 14 to 19.

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The Zero-Tolerance Factor


[David Mayes] My father, Richard Inskip Mayes, was an English professor, a raconteur, a Beat, a poet, and more. He entrusted four decades worth of his poems to me in 1988, hoping I would be able to print them at my job. Twenty years later, I have finally fulfilled that wish.

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Cork & Wire


[Alyson Kuhn] Oh-là-là! Behold the Eiffel Tower made of cork and wire, the handiwork of artist Steven Leslie, who also thought of Cork & Wire as the title for this post. We could refer to his workplay as a courk de force. This Eiffel Tower was commissioned by Andrea Drexelius of French Basketeer, for her stand at the French Festival in Santa Barbara this past weekend.

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Mick’s Spacemats flashback!


[Michael Hodgson] This all started with Eric Baker, who emailed Tom Ingalls, who emailed Alyson Kuhn, who emailed Pam & Kim at W&H, who emailed me: Jayme Odgers is having a show and can you blog about it for Felt & Wire? Of course I said No, I am too busy and what is “Feet and Wine” anyway?

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Bastille Day chez moi


[Alyson Kuhn] J’aime Bastille Day. I have celebrated July 14 in several cities, and today I am fêting Le Quatorze Juillet in Napa. I have invited some friends over for the afternoon. These two French stamps, which I bought at the Musée de la Poste in Paris in 2002… could have made a lovely invitation, but I opted for a non-philatelic e-vitation. Yes, oui {The Editorial Oui} kuhnfess to sending an e-vitation. Regardez….

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Behind the Scenes at Peculiar Pair Press


[Alyson Kuhn] Mary Beth Fiorentino and Amy Hayson worked together in the graphic design department of a Big Corporation in San Francisco. Shortly after their department was downsized in 2001, Mary Beth and Amy flew off to Mexico {with the other four women from their team}. On that very trip, they decided to open a letterpress business.

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