Jessica Helfand: Drawing, painting & reflecting on Rome


[Jessica Helfand] I have a studio in Rome for 10 weeks, where I am drawing and painting every day. The drawings themselves began about eight years ago for no apparent reason; they were therapy after my mother died, and made no sense to me then. But for some reason, I needed to draw. And so, I drew.

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Sustainability power tools: The Living Principles for design

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[Alyson Kuhn] Gaby Brink and Phil Hamlett presented their vision for The Living Principles April 22nd at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. The Earth Day event was the hometown debut for their initiative, created through the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design (CFSD). Thanks to Brink and Hamlett, I can now describe The Living Principles in almost 27 words … more or less. Get ready.

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Ann Willoughby: From Aspen to TED, via sketchbook


[Ann Willoughby] One day in June in the early ’70s, at the Aspen Design Conference, I met Milton Glaser for the first time. What I remember most is he carried a small student-grade sketchbook with him everywhere. During presentations in the legendary Aspen white tent, Milton sketched while each speaker took his or her turn on stage (it was mostly “his turn” back then).

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At home with Kate & Andy Spade

We love seeing how the styles of great designers and artists come alive in their studios and workplaces. Voyeurs at heart, we also love seeing where and how designers live. As fans of designing couple Kate and Andy Spade, we were happy to see their NYC digs on Apartment Therapy. To see more of their wall art, collages, interiors and graphic treatments, take a look at all of the photos collected by Heather Clawson on Habitually Chic. [PW]

Felt & Wire’s 3 questions for Sean Adams


[Tom Biederbeck] Wherever he goes, Sean Adams is at the center of activity — creative, educational, social, professional. Far from appearing rushed or distracted, Adams is both a part of and above the whirlwind. He makes getting a ridiculous amount of things done look easy, whether in his work at AdamsMorioka — the design firm in which he partners with Noreen Morioka — or in his efforts for the AIGA (he’s immediate past president).

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Earth Day, 40 years on


Thursday, April 22, 2010, is the 40th annual U.S. celebration of Earth Day. Some of us remember where we were for the first one. F&W Editor Tom Biederbeck skipped school to attend the march in 1970. He still has a souvenir from that day: an embroidered version of the original Earth Day flag! Whether or not you were on earth yet, the history and lore of Earth Day are thought-provoking, nostalgia-inducing and advocacy-beseeching.

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