Laura Tarrish puts the Ah! in collage


[Alyson Kuhn] I only became aware of Laura Tarrish a couple of months ago — thanks to an e-troduction via Jessica Helfand. Laura’s wrapping papers – which can be yours, via Felt & Wire Shop — combine many ephemeral elements dear to me. I see London, I see Rome, I see croissants, a ’rapping poem!

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Visions of Sugarplums


[Tracy Smith] All this chatting about wrapping had me wishing our Editor (and gift wrapper extraordinare) was with us on the East coast today. We had our annual gift wrapping lunch at Mohawk’s New York headquarters. Those staffers who have a penchant for paper (or, more importantly, for wrapping with it) meet in the main conference room to help wrap more than 100 gifts for kids. For 18 years Mohawk has held a Christmas party for the children and grandchildren of employees and retirees, and each child gets a gift. This year there will be 75 children attending. Extra gifts are delivered to Toys for Tots… now that’s a sweet story.

’rap happy from Joey’s Corner


[Alyson Kuhn] The annual wraps from Joey’s Corner have been favorites of mine since December 2005, when the first “edition” came out. Now, happily, you can enjoy {and acquire} a comprehensive wrapping retrospective of these double-sided decorativ

e delights on Felt & Wire Shop. All of the patterns are suitable for year-round use, and several of them are superb on large packages for young readers. Shall I embellish?

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So Noted: Letterpress Love


[Tracy Smith] A recent post on The Moment, the NY Times blog, caught my attention: Fine Print: A Love Letter to the Letterpress. Author Joshua David Stein defines the resurgence of letterpress printers as “the New Old Media: young men and women who fight against the Kindle tide with small presses and handmade fonts.” The article about the Hermitage, a bookstore/gallery/press,  recently relocating back to Brooklyn is further evidence that the New York City borough has become the center of the handmade movement.
Photo:© Hermitage

Revel in a Webster wonderland…


[Alyson Kuhn] If you haven’t seen Pictorial Webster’s, published last July by Chronicle Books, you are in for a visual treat and a great story. But the story is not in the book. Nor are any definitions. Just pictures. It’s brilliant, it’s intriguing, it’s divinely distracting.

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XOX on their XXV

Punch & Pie

[Alyson Kuhn] Bev and Phil Dittberner are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary today. Well, actually, they celebrated yesterday, at their home in Grass Valley. Every year, Bev comes up with an anniversary party invitation so rich in personality and letterpress finesse, that it renders me mute with delight. This recurrent muteness is my pathetic excuse for never, until now, properly xoxpressing my admiration.

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