Sean Adams: 3 questions for Stefan Bucher


[Sean Adams] This is the plot of a classic ’30s Hollywood movie: The young actor toils away learning his craft, then one night gets that big break and becomes a star. Unfortunately, the design world doesn’t work this way. It’s not enough to have one big hit — a career is built on a series of successes. Stefan Bucher, however, combines the grit and the glam. He’s based his career on a stream of fantastic design solutions … and he had his big break at the 2009 AIGA Biennial Conference. All of a sudden, everyone was talking about the “two Stefans.” Of course one was Sagmeister, and the other Bucher.

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Sketchbook: Chris Piascik brings letters to life


From time to time we share the sketchbooks of artists, designers and illustrators who have captured our attention and admiration. These glimpses from the journals of Chris Piascik reveal a lifelong fascination with the alphabet, lettering and what he terms “overlapping lines.” Piascik designs, sketches, teaches, creates apparel and rides his bikes in Cromwell, Conn.

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F&W Finds: Japanese Oldbook Masking Tape

Japanese Old Book tape from

First washi tape, then beautifully colored tape combos to complement and compete with stamps on our letters and packages. Now add “Oldbook” masking tape to the growing assortment of Japanese deco-tapes — all available at the appropriately named [LS]

Language casts a shadow in Stephen Doyle’s paper sculptures


Stephen Doyle’s vision unites words and images in unforgettable ways. The design firm of which he is a principal, Doyle Partners in New York, creates acclaimed identities and all means of conveying them (and he always gets the colors right). He’s also recognized for his visual contributions to the Op-Ed page of The New York Times. Here he talks about another artistic pursuit: creating astonishing paper sculptures.

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p.s. It’s a stamp, it’s a book — it’s a Book Week stamp

nl-book 110

[Alyson Kuhn] Mid-morning on March 18, as I was thinking about the excellent leftover corned beef in my refrigerator, I received a pithy e-mail from Tom Biederbeck, the perpetually dialed-in editor of Felt & Wire, with a link that whisked me

to a recent post on a Dutch design blog … about the eight-page stamp (!) you see here. I was instantly incredulous, intrigued and in need of one.

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Underground Japan: Art on the street, now online & in print


[Alyson Kuhn] Nancy Peacock and Guy Cooper have just digitally published Underground Japan, a book of photos of Japanese manhole covers, taken on their trip last fall. They selected as their publisher, bookstore and gallery — showing how quickly technology has evolved the way books are produced and enjoyed.

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