ITC American Typewriter: My type of type


[Alyson Kuhn] American Typewriter, how do I love thee? Let me count the weights! This typeface’s key charm, especially for those of us who grew up on real typewriter type, is how wonderfully pleasing American Typewriter text is to look at and to read.

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Bibliofile: Patrick Coyne on books & the Communication Arts library


Communication Arts is nothing less than a beacon to the design industry. The magazine’s unparalleled relevance and superb presentation are very much to the credit of Patrick Coyne, its editor and designer, a man who is as gracious as he is gifted. Here, he writes about the Communication Arts library and his lifelong reverence for books.

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Look at this Volume of mail!


Laura Shore recently shouted here about a cool offer in the Decibel, the e-ccasional newsletter from Volume in San Francisco: Send a thank-you note, get a great “SF Sound” poster. Sound fun? It is! Much memorable mail has been sent … and you are not too late to play.

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Abstract expressions for correspondents


The US Postal Service has just issued some nifty new stamps, a souvenir sheet of 10 abstract expressionist paintings by 10 different 20th-century artists. You can see a list of the artists and artworks here. Next week, Felt & Wire will chat with designer Ethel Kessler, who art directed this innovative issue for the USPS. [AK]

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Design Ignites Change awards grants


Design Ignites Change, a collaboration between Adobe Youth Voices and Worldstudio, has announced its inaugural 2009 Implementation Award winners. This biannual award program recognizes exceptional proposals for design intended to make the world a better place. Winners receive financial support to realize their visions. [LS]

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In the land of Ampersand


[Alyson Kuhn] What a nice device the ampersand is. An ampersand can be crisp or curvy or curly … or even curious. An ampersand can save space if you need it to, but it can also beautifully fill space. And, for purposes of this post, I would posit that, of all punctuation marks, ampersands are the dandiest in 3D.

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