Scrapbooks: A many splendored paper thing


[Alyson Kuhn] I recently chatted with Jessica Helfand about scrapbooks in general and the hundreds she’s collected in particular. Her recent book Scrapbooks has a simple subtitle: An American History, which is shorthand for “A l

ong look at the socio-gastro-economic-esthetic-parenthetic tales they tell.”

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So Noted: In search of monograms


[Laura Shore] Nancy Sharon Collins is a designer, a design historian, and a social stationer. She has recently begun a research project about hand engraving, monograms, and social stationery. We’ve offered to spread the word, which is: “I am looking for interesting, kitschy, handsome or elegant engraved stationery, preferably social stationery {letters and notes}, with or without writing on them. The older the better.” Here’s a tiny taste of what Nancy has already collected.

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The passing zine

Zine Home

[Alyson Kuhn] The annual SF Zine Fest took place last weekend in Golden Gate Park, and our correspondent Bill Senkus went to check it out for us. The two-day conference and marketplace is still free, still fun, and still focused on zines. Creative folks from all walks of DIY life also showcase their wares. Even though you’re reading to yourself, please pronounce zine like magazine {not like design}. Herewith my favorite finds from Bill’s photo-reportage.

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Coming Soon: Felt & Wire Shop


[Tracy Smith] We are super-excited to announce next month’s launch of Felt & Wire Shop, where you can indulge your paper obsession(s) in a very tangible and tactile way. This curated marketplace will connect designers of paper goods and related services with buyers who appreciate great design.

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Behind the Scenes at Third Bay Letterpress


[Alyson Kuhn] I’ve stood on many a concrete floor watching things print. I can’t remember ever having so much fun in so little time as I did at Third Bay Letterpress, at the press check for the invitation to the Mohawk Show 10 in San Francisco. Here are highly-illustrated details of Alyson’s Xcellent Adventure.

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Paper: The Fifth Wonder


[Alyson Kuhn] I recently received a used copy of Paper: The Fifth Wonder, a collection of 12 booklets by John H. Ainsworth. The book was originally published in 1958, and the first booklet’s title sets the mood:Paper & You: This Fibrous Age.” The subject was so popular that, when the second revised edition was published in 1959, the book had grown to 21 chapters.

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