Trends: Are greeting cards still a popular sell?


[Nancy Sharon Collins] The market for greeting cards and paper products rides the tide of commercial economy like an empty Dixie Cup bobbing up and down on a wave in a large pond. Since the first Industrial Revolution, the compulsion to buy a little missive or novelty to give someone as a token of thanks — rather than making or doing it yourself — has fallen in and out of favor according to the general economy.

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Chicago Poster Biennial rolls out Jury Weekend May 28–30

cipb jury weekend grab

You saw it here: The Chicago International Poster Biennial is returning in 2010, thanks in part to sponsors which include our friends at the Society of Typographic Arts (STA). For those not yet in the know, works will be judged by a global panel of top graphic artists and designers.

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Katharine Hepburn cast as the star of a new black-and-white stamp


[Alyson Kuhn] Guess who’s coming to … a post office near you. The newest Legend of Hollywood in the US Postal Service’s ongoing series premieres May 12 — Katharine Hepburn’s birthdate. I chatted with Derry Noyes, who art directed this stamp for the Postal Service.

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F&W hits the road for Stationery Show

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Our feature post by Alyson Kuhn kicks off continuing coverage of the National Stationery Show in New York, May 16–19. If you’re a Felt & Wire reader — else how could you be reading this? — social correspondence is important to you … if not the main reason for living life itself. (Note: Should you hold the latter belief, you’re in good company here.)

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p.s. Madison Park Group offers business partnerships à la carte


[Alyson Kuhn] Madison Park Greetings changed its name earlier this year to The Madison Park Group. I chatted with co-president Glen Biely about the company’s expansion into “non-greetings” (on the one hand) and letterpress-printed cards (on the other) — and The Madison Park Group’s unique business model for bringing both to market in some 6000 specialty shops stateside and abroad.

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Jessica Helfand: Drawing, painting, reflecting on Rome: Pt. 2


[Jessica Helfand] One wall of my studio in Rome is covered with drawings and paintings of abstracted line studies. On the opposite wall are a series of portraits. For weeks now, I have been agonizing over the obvious split here — half the work representational, the other half decidedly in the realm of the nonobjective — proof of the apparently irresolvable tensions in my thinking and in my work. And then last week, it hit me: They’re all portraits.

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