Free calendars coming to 10 responsive Felt & Wire readers


[Tom Biederbeck] We can’t add extra holidays to 2010, but here at Felt & Wire we can sure deliver the calendars. Here are 10 readers who will receive free calendars from Felt & Wire Shop, as promised in our Dec. 29 preview:

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Evolution at the Academy


[Alyson Kuhn] The California Academy of Sciences has recently published an elegant and informative little book about evolution. The photographs are superb, and the text, contributed by several scientists at the academy, is both personal and powerful. The spread presenting the introduction features a great shot of a vintage London edition of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, setting the stage perfectly for the mini case studies that follow.
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P.S. Post that card


[Alyson Kuhn] We recently featured on Felt & Wire the freshly printed-and-accordionated Alphabetilately brochure. It’s actually a cascade of eight postcards, steel-rule perforated for posting on the fridge or in the mailstream. I mailed Bill Senkus — owner of the Alphabetilately trademark — the cover panel on Dec. 31, the last mailing day of the decade. I’m pleased to report his card arrived in excellent kuhndition.

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So Noted: What type are you?


[Laura Shore] Did we ever expect to see the day when venerable design publications close, while major business pubs like Fast Company cover geeky insider type-design stories? Surely not. But -kuang/design-innovation/your-personality-summarized-typeface” target=”_blank”>here is the proof. Pentagram’s 2009 holiday card was a link to a sweet little microsite called What Type Are You? After submitting to a few minutes of intense psychoanalysis, I was determined to be “emotional, understated, progressive and disciplined.” So what type am I?

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A is for accordion fold


[Alyson Kuhn] If this post had a subhead, it could well be, “Are you sure it’s just a brochure?” It’s also a cascade of eight postcards, separated by standard steel-rule perforations. Perfectly postal — and 100% PCW.

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Toast cubed


[Alyson Kuhn] Tom Biederbeck came up with this clever title for the third (and final) post in my Toast Trilogy. Not that I was in a jam for a good name, but his suggestion made me laugh out loud. I am currently sending out thank-you notes for gifts received at my Toastday party, and I would like to share my enthusiasm for some tasty cinderellas I’m using on my envelopes – from the Arky of Toast.

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