P.S. Post that card


[Alyson Kuhn] We recently featured on Felt & Wire the freshly printed-and-accordionated Alphabetilately brochure. It’s actually a cascade of eight postcards, steel-rule perforated for posting on the fridge or in the mailstream. I mailed Bill Senkus — owner of the Alphabetilately trademark — the cover panel on Dec. 31, the last mailing day of the decade. I’m pleased to report his card arrived in excellent kuhndition.

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So Noted: What type are you?


[Laura Shore] Did we ever expect to see the day when venerable design publications close, while major business pubs like Fast Company cover geeky insider type-design stories? Surely not. But -kuang/design-innovation/your-personality-summarized-typeface” target=”_blank”>here is the proof. Pentagram’s 2009 holiday card was a link to a sweet little microsite called What Type Are You? After submitting to a few minutes of intense psychoanalysis, I was determined to be “emotional, understated, progressive and disciplined.” So what type am I?

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A is for accordion fold


[Alyson Kuhn] If this post had a subhead, it could well be, “Are you sure it’s just a brochure?” It’s also a cascade of eight postcards, separated by standard steel-rule perforations. Perfectly postal — and 100% PCW.

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Toast cubed


[Alyson Kuhn] Tom Biederbeck came up with this clever title for the third (and final) post in my Toast Trilogy. Not that I was in a jam for a good name, but his suggestion made me laugh out loud. I am currently sending out thank-you notes for gifts received at my Toastday party, and I would like to share my enthusiasm for some tasty cinderellas I’m using on my envelopes – from the Arky of Toast.

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Getting oohs, aahs & OMGs with laser cutting


[Carrie Hamilton] This holiday season, I stumbled across a special process with all the impact of die cutting, and as luscious as letterpress: laser cutting. The paper I chose was equally luscious: Strathmore Vellum Cover Bristol.

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Our Man Biederbeck


[Alyson Kuhn] If you missed Sean Adams’s post yesterday, I urge you to click it out. Sean asked Tom Biederbeck, new editor of Felt & Wire, if he’d ever thought about being a war correspondent. Tom dodged the question like it was a live round, but offered up many insights into his editorial persona. By way of welcome to our blog party, I want to toast Tom as an accomplished social correspondent.

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