So Noted: Design for social change takes to the road


[Tom Biederbeck] Ingredients for a revolution: 25 schools, 75 days, 6300 miles, 1 vintage Airstream trailer, 40 humanitarian products and projects. Emily Pilloton is mixing them into the launch of the Design Revolution Roadshow, setting out Feb. 1, with an official launch party Feb. 4 at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

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Sketchbook: Karl Heine’s journals build histories & futures


[Karl Heine & kHyal] It was my grandmother who inspired me to create Designer Journals™. She was a consummate adventurer and documented all her experiences. I found this out simply by being a passenger on her travels — not a passenger by any specific means, but as a guest on her adventures in the filtering light of my youth.

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P.S. Note-worthy Webster’s!

musical webster's title page

[Alyson Kuhn] I just spent 6 glorious minutes and 33 hilarious seconds smiling my way through John Carrera’s new video, “Musical References in Pictorial Webster’s,” brought to my attention by Michael Carabetta at Chronicle Books. I don’t want to spoil even one perfect pairing of 19th century engraving and (mostly) 1960s music as presented in this video.

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My former type of valentine


[Alyson Kuhn] As all of my correspondents know, I love to type. I love the sound, I love the rhythm, and I love the surfaces on which typing is possible. Here you see my valentine from several years ago, typed on my IBM Correcting Selectric III, thanks to whose half-space lever I was able to center my text pretty kuhnsistently. My substrate de saison? Pink graph-grid index cards I’d brought back from Paris. There is approximately 1/zillionth in. of index card to spare behind the heart cut-out.

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So Noted: We [heart] LogoDesignLove


[Laura Shore] Who doesn’t love logos? Certainly anyone reading this blog either has one or has designed dozens of them. I thought I loved logos, too, but I have to tell you that nobody loves logos like Irish designer David Airey. And once you’ve explored his site you’ll wish you had more time to get a new logo for yourself or design a few dozen more for clients.

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Free calendars coming to 10 responsive Felt & Wire readers


[Tom Biederbeck] We can’t add extra holidays to 2010, but here at Felt & Wire we can sure deliver the calendars. Here are 10 readers who will receive free calendars from Felt & Wire Shop, as promised in our Dec. 29 preview:

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