Lovin’ the mail: Egg Press


[Tracy Smith] Eleven o’clock a.m. happens to be my favorite time of the day. Not only is lunch one short hour away, but it’s also when our mail is delivered. Mail time is often exciting because we receive unexpected packages – from people who a

re eager to share the great print work they are doing. Last week I received such a package from Egg Press.

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Otterly Charming


[Alyson Kuhn] My current favorite children’s book is Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners, written and illustrated by Laurie Keller. Both the illustrations and the dialogue are punny, promoting the Golden Rule at every page turn. The action begins when a family of otters moves in next door to Mr. Rabbit. But even before I saw one of the otters carrying a carton labeled otts and ends, the colophon cracked me up.

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Creativille’s X-cellent Letterpress Birthday Party


[Alyson Kuhn] Creativille is the name of Steve Hartman’s design studio in Edwardsville, Illinois. Edwardsville is where Steve grew up; it is also home to the Edwardsville Art Center, founded in 1999. To celebrate Creativille’s tenth year in business this September, Steve has found a way to put his party where his passion is.

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HOW to see TDC55 & TDC2


[Tracy Smith] Last week at the HOW conference, I saw the Type Directors Club traveling exhibition of the 2009 winners in their two annual competitions. TDC55 is a design competition using type, and TDC2 is a type design competition. Both shows featured an impressive collection of winners – every piece was amazing in its own right, and to see them all together was incredible.

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Michael Bierut interview


[Alyson Kuhn] AIGA Philly hosted a great talk by Michael Bierut back in May. The scheduling gods smiled on me, and I was able to attend Michael’s design double-header… and to write about it the very next day. What I didn’t know back then, was that Craig Schlanser had arranged to interview Michael before the lecture. That interview is now on YouTube for your edification, inspiration, and linkification. Thank you, Craig, for asking a few smart questions, and thank you, Michael, for responding so insightfully.

Elixir Road Trip: Mr. Toad’s Styled Ride


[Alyson Kuhn] At Elixir Design in San Francisco, the summer solstice is the occasion for an annual retreat known as the Elixinox. I, as a frequent Elixir collaborator, am always honored to participate. Last Monday, after our year-in-review, brainstorming session, and lunch… we toured the town. Hop on!

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