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Paper Trail

No doubt about it, Mieke ten Have’s The Paper Trail is a blog for the obsessive student of paper. But you’re already acquainted with your inner paper explorer … and The Paper Trail is a site that will seriously reward your trek. While the scholarship is impressive, so is the wit: See her latest post, “Rubber Stamps, Medieval Jockstraps, and the Legacy of Noah Webster,” for a taste of her wide-ranging intellect.

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Have you seen this Magazines logo?


We did not forget our apostrophe in the headline. “Magazines” is the name, or maybe the eponymous brand, of five big magazine publishers’ new collective ad campaign. The campaign seeks to remind us, The Readers (some of whom are Subscribers) and The Advertisers, how much The Readers love magazines printed on paper. The logo seeks to remind us of some of our favorite magazines, literally by cutting and pasting letters from their respective logos to compose the word Magazines. Can you identify the publication provenance of all the letters?

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Facelift for a New York City skin-care diva


[David Brier] As a native New York designer who now lives and works in the Midwest, I love continuing to work with clients on both coasts. Recently my firm was commissioned by New York City celebrity skin care expert Joanna Vargas to rebrand her

salon. I thought, “Whoa, how cool is that, to give the diva of makeovers a makeover!?” Well, maybe that‘s not word-for-word, but I was pumped.

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Deskblogger features our Alyson Kuhn’s desk!

We’ve written about Deskblogger, created by Chicago bookbinder and paper purveyor Bari Zaki, in this space before. But we can’t resist pointing out that our very own Alyson Kuhn’s desk is featured in Zaki’s June 6 post. Can a workspace be intriguing? Can it make one chuckle while following the walkabout of a workbench? Can it summon forth “incred-enza-ulity”? We think so, but see here for yourself. [TB]

Sustainable Brands Conference: Mohawk’s on hand

The Sustainable Brands 2010 Conference, taking place June 7–10 in Monterey, Calif., is all about how tomorrow’s brand leaders are coming to grips with today’s dynamic economic, environmental and societal context. Mohawk Fine Papers is on hand for the conference, along with brands like Nike, Coca-Cola and Adobe. If you’re in Monterey, please stop by and say hello!

Letterpress as a Business: Pricing the work, printing the job, feeling the love


[Alyson Kuhn] The Letterpress as a Business panel at the San Francisco Center for the Book on May 27 was superb. It was also positively packed: 50 rapt listeners in folding chairs, a few more in office and workshop chairs, and 25 standees. And you can listen at your leisure to the entire program online! Talk about new technology in the service of the old!

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