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Unveiling Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue 8: The feel issue


This week Mohawk unveils its eighth issue of the award-winning Mohawk Maker Quarterly, and you have to see it, read it and feel it to truly appreciate it. The issue tackles the topic of “feel,” exploring how experiences, environments, and objects invoke this nuanced word.

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Design Firm Plays with Adult Coloring Trend in Alphabet Form


For Toronto-based design firm Lesli Ink, taking a moment to say “thank you” to clients and creative collaborators is so much more than a year-end obligatory card or tchotchke. And the sheer mention of the term “self-promotion” causes principal and founder Lesli Scott to pause and recoil. For Lesli and team, it’s simply a gift with an end goal to spread wonder and joy. “To me, if they don’t really smile when they open it, it’s not worth it. There’s no point in half-assing it. … It’s really just spreading that happiness,” Lesli says.

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The Heads of State Takes a Look Back

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Asking designers to pick their favorite project from the year is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child.  It’s nearly impossible, as some may argue that each project holds a special bit of pride or nostalgia. So we tweaked our phrasing and asked the uber-talented crew at The Heads of State to indulge us by selecting some of their most unforgettable projects. As the last days of 2015 neared, four designers at the Philadelphia-based studio reflected, and each shared a project that they were especially fond of having a hand in creating.

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A holiday card’s cross country journey

Olivia Booth and Ariana Shank are senior design students attending the University of Wisconsin.  For a recent class project, the students were tasked with an assignment designed to make paper ‘cool’. The duo decided to create a stop motion video that highlighted the tactile aspect of paper.

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Nuts about Nutcrackers this Holiday Season

Photo Courtesy: Amy Heitman

One of our favorite pastimes during the holiday season is shopping for unique and decorative nutcrackers to add to our personal collections. If you adore nutcrackers as much as we do here at Felt & Wire, you’ll want to order (or enter to win below) this adorable set of beautifully illustrated holiday cards designed by Amy Heitman, of the Chicago-based Amy Heitman Illustration + Design studio.

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AIGA New York Custom Wraps the Holidays


Each year the AIGA New York chapter calls on its board members to design custom gift wrap sold to benefit the chapter’s mentoring program, a 20+ year collaboration to support the High School of Art and Design in New York City. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process as explained by a few of the participating AIGA NY board members.

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