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Sourcing Originality with Minted


By involving both creatives and customers in the process, Minted has become a go-to source for well-designed goods.

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The Strathmore Timeline from 1898-1969


In 2014, Mohawk stumbled upon a paper holy grail: a collection of samples, swatchbooks and sales guides boxed up in a warehouse, all but forgotten. Spanning more than a century, The Strathmore Archive is more than merely ephemera: It serves as a tactile, visual history of graphic design styles and culture.

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Chris Fritton: Modern Day Itinerant Printer


For the past two years, Chris Fritton has been on the road, traveling to letterpress print shops across the United States and producing unique, regional prints at each stop. By showcasing the spirit of each region through his work, Chris intends to bring a nationwide community of printers together with his project; The Itinerant Printer.

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Nature’s Calling


Whether it’s a bright snowy mountain or a dark moody forest, photographer Kennett Mohrman captures expansive natural landscapes with both wonder and clarity.

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Auburn University takes a new approach on Mohawk’s Paper Basics


Paper affects the perceived quality of a finished piece. The look, feel and color of paper can present a particular image, evoke a desired emotion, and even improve response rates. With hundreds of papers to choose from, how do designers know which paper will best suit their project? Better yet, how do students and young designers know which paper to choose?

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The story of Superfine


If you’re a fan of Design Observer you may have caught today’s ‘The Observatory’ podcast featuring Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut discussing a topic near and dear to our hearts: paper.

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