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Warby Parker | An Origin Story

Warby Parker Illustration

From its fictitious eponym to its charitable contributions, eyewear retailer Warby Parker is a brand of character, in all senses of the word.

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Celebrating 70 years of Superfine

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 In 1946, the world was changing, and in Cohoes, New York, the innovative papermakers at Mohawk were creating a new product called Superfine.

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Remembering Massimo Vignelli’s Design Legacy


Starting by hand defines the method of the master craftsman of graphic design, Massimo Vignelli. January 10th would have marked the design icon’s 85th birthday. In Massimo’s honor, we look back at his method, as we remember his legacy.

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A holiday card’s cross country journey

Olivia Booth and Ariana Shank are senior design students attending the University of Wisconsin.  For a recent class project, the students were tasked with an assignment designed to make paper ‘cool’. The duo decided to create a stop motion video that highlighted the tactile aspect of paper.

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Champion of Craft: Lotta Nieminen


This year we kicked off a series of storytelling inserts entitled “Champions of Craft,” created to recognize the work of aspiring and seasoned designers and makers.  In the November/December 2015 issue of GDUSA, we champion the work of Lotta Nieminen, a Finland based illustrator, graphic designer and art director, whose love for materials and color drives her work.

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A Felt & Wire Style Holiday Gift Guide


Nothing beats a thoughtful gift to let friends and family know you’re thinking about them at this special time of year. It’s especially meaningful when you can select a gift that speaks to your loved one’s personality, hobbies or passions. Know someone who adores photography? Almost everyone has a foodie and a book worm on their list.  Or, maybe someone striving to be more organized in 2016? Here’s a short list of thoughtful gift ideas we’ve compiled, carefully crafted by brands that inspire us. Furthermore »