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It’s internship time…


One of the most exciting and frightening opportunities for many design students is an internship. We spend months preparing personal portfolios, resumes and gearing up for interviews with potential employers. On top of a rigorous course load, this process can be incredibly stressful and a great deal of work.

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The Making of Sketchy

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In July, Mohawk was pleased to host noted illustrator Craig Frazier  for a collaboration involving Xerox. Frazier, one of the leading conceptual illustrators producing editorial, corporate and publishing work worldwide, had expressed interest in collaborating with Mohawk and Xerox on the production of a limited-edition, digitally printed book of his sketches. His week-long Mohawk residency resulted in an incredibly beautiful book entitled, Sketchy: Sketches from 1999 – 2014 by Craig Frazier.

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Illustrator extraordinaire Craig Frazier collaborates with Mohawk on Sketchy

Craig Frazier warehouse

“For every finished illustration or design, there is a sketch sharing the same DNA.” – Craig Frazier
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Letterpress Business Cards with an Edge

finished cards

Around this time of year I’m reminded by my students this is prime job-hunting season. They’re looking for that special job that speaks to them, and ways to get noticed in the crowd. There are many ways to leave a lasting impression on a potential employer, but let’s start with handing out a business card that stands out from the rest.

I love seeing the double-take when someone looks at my letterpress printed business card, they always seem to get a little more attention. Here’s a way to give them an extra pop of color to stand out even more!

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10 Tips for a Great HOW Live experience

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You’ve bought your conference tickets, booked flights, confirmed hotel room and  are eagerly awaiting the start of the 2013 HOW Live conference. We have good news: it’s finally here! HOW Live kicks off this Sunday evening and we wanted to share a few tips  to make the best of your conference experience.

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Letterpress You Can Do At Home: Hand-Printing from Letterpress Type


You’ve probably seen them: boxes of discarded wood type collecting dust in a back corner of an antique shop or under an old table at the flea market. If you’re in love with letterpress like I am, these boxes are irresistible, and you probably have a few of these rescues sitting on your bookshelf. Each wooden letter has a story all its own, from the nicks and scrapes to the particular patina and shine of the surface. Would you believe you could print from them with a few simple tools from your kitchen and the craft store? Give it a try, and once you’re done, you’ll have a nice stack of prints to share, and the type can go right back up on the shelf!

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