Natalie Semczuk

Ukrainian Easter Eggs from a Mohawk Maker: Diane Filak


Mohawk has taken pride in the art of papermaking for nearly a century. Generations of fine papermakers have honed their craft in our mills in upstate New York, so we are endlessly inspired by the artistry of others and we’re proud to support and be a part of a growing movement of makers.

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Jessica Hische + Wes Anderson + Mohawk Live


Ornate drop caps, delicate embellishments, whimsical illustration and bold text are all qualities we can ascribe to letterer and graphic designer Jessica Hische’s style. If you’re a designer, you’ve probably heard of her Daily Drop Cap project, as well as many beautiful illustrative works such as collaboration with Penguin books, Barnes & Noble Classics, the new MailChimp identity, and much more.

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Touchable, Memorable Design – New Educational Book features History of Engraving with Beautifully Executed Engraved Samples


“In the 1430s, around the same time Johannes Gutenberg was creating a revolution by developing the first printing press, engraving techniques began to appear in both Italy and Germany. The technique they used is called intaglio, an Italian word that literally means ‘carving’ –a process that involves incising or carving by hand, dots, dashes, hatches, lines, and shapes into the surface of metal plates to form images including letters.”

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ADCD 10th Anniversary Paper Fashion Show Winners + Interviews

Photo by Scott Quinn Photography

Last week paper lovers, fashion gurus, and designers all gathered in the Mile High City to celebrate and take part in the tenth annual Art Directors Club of Denver Paper Fashion Show.  Contestants created a total of 42 unique designs made entirely out of paper, and competed to win best of show in a variety of categories.

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EXTENDED: Call for Entries – Become a Design Correspondent and Win a Trip to HOW Design Live!


Attention students! Our Call for Entries for a Student Design Correspondent has been EXTENDED until Friday, April 4th. Enter your application to be considered for a student writer position on our Felt & Wire blog, and the chance to win a trip to the 2014 HOW Conference in Boston with the Mohawk team.

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Biking for Good: John Bielenberg for The Moo Luxe Project


Axle. Cassette. Dropout. Fixie. Seatpost. Crank. Echelon. Lance. Do any of these words sound familiar to you?

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