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On The Wire: Designer to Watch, Mimi Kim

Animals Everyday Cards

Today, guest blogger, Sarah Schwartz, editor of Stationery Trends and The Paper Chronicles, chats with one of Stationery Trends’ Top Ten 2016 Designers to Watch about her career, inspiration and thoughts about paper. Today, Sarah introduces us to Mimi Kim of Clap Clap.

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TED 2016 DREAM print collateral highlights Mohawk Superfine + Options


The TED 2016 conference celebrated dreams — big, bold and beautiful.

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Spaces that Create Community

 If you’ve ever felt squished in a crowded airport, or enthralled by the vast openness of an art gallery, you’ve experienced the power of space to connect us with other people, in ways both good and bad.

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Fresh + Redesigned: Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue 9 Inspires


Mohawk is proud to announce the ninth issue of the Award-Winning Maker Quarterly Publication, with a complete revamp of formatting. After two years of publication, the refresh is serendipitously themed around the concept of inspiration.

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Brand Mirror: The best brands in the world aim to inspire instead of simply to sell


As we move about our day, we’re bombarded with thousands of branded images. Most of them are white noise, but others manage to cut through the clutter and intrigue us.

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Mother Daughter: Posing as Ourselves, a Photographic Journey

Mother Daughter_Spread

As we celebrate 70 years of Superfine, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite projects printed on this iconic grade. Published in 2009, Mother Daughter: Posing as Ourselves is a five year project that charts the physical and emotional changes of two women at the opposite ends of the “young woman” spectrum.

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