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Small sustainability steps really add up!


Yesterday, April 22, was Earth Day. But every day is Earth Day to the Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green initiative, as it works to garner commitments by individuals, organizations, businesses and governments to protect the planet. A Billion Acts of Green is now the largest environmental service campaign in the world, inspiring initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability. The concept: Individual actions add up to something really, really big. And Mohawk’s a big believer.

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A Unique Gift on Our Paper Anniversary


[Alex Green] In Roman times, proud husbands would present their wives of 50 years with a wreath of gold that the wife would wear on her head. This practice was carried over into medieval Germany, where large celebrations were held in honor of the longevity of the married couple and today have become associated with symbolic elements to denote wedding anniversary milestones.

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Beyond Borders: An Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Posters


[Amos Klausner] As design professionals we are often too busy with clients, family and friendships to have the chance to see what’s happening in the profession beyond our front door, let alone the United States. But rest assured there are active and engaged design communities that are communicating to increasingly large and diverse audiences. Some of these are relatively new, others more established. And then there a few that aren’t just established, they’re downright historic. That’s the case with the Iranian design community.

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Engraving for Nerds, Part II: The West Coast Book Tour


Nancy Sharon Collins, author of The Complete Engraver, is at it again. Riffing on the success of Engraving for Nerds, part one, Nancy has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Engraving For Nerds, part two: a west coast, multi-city book tour.

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Tradeshow Bootcamp: Impressions from Paper Camp


A few weeks ago, Tradeshow Bootcamp hosted its second annual Paper Camp conference in Los Angeles.  Designers and small business owners from around the country and as far as Hong Kong gathered for two days to talk about preparing their stationery businesses for the wholesale market and using tradeshows as a launching point.

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#24MAG contributor interview with Ben Cordes and Johanna Bobrow


[Allyson Van Houten] Today brings the second installment in a series of interviews with the contributors of #24MAG—Issue 4. Let me introduce you to Ben Cordes and Johanna Bobrow.

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