Announcing the Mohawk Maker Quarterlies Issue 04: Community


We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. ~Herman Melville

Community: what does it mean to you, your business, your career, your craft?

In today’s economy, community is necessary for both survival and success.

We’re more successful when we share knowledge, resources and information than by going it alone. Partnerships are important, and humans crave interconnectivity and sharing. By connecting with our peers and seeking collaboration, we create new opportunities for growth and learning.

The fourth issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly and the Mohawk Craft Cooperative focus on the importance of community, recognizing that partnerships are essential to furthering the interests of craftspeople.


Some of the community makers profiled in Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 04 include,

Blurb, Inc., 826 National, SF Center for the Book, TED Fellows, Brooklyn Boulders, ADXLa Cocina, West Coast Craft Fair, Heritage Bicycles, Artists’ Book Cooperative, Virtue CiderMake Smith Leather Co., and Paper Chase Press.


To demonstrate the beauty and range of options available within the Mohawk Via grade, Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue No. 04 is printed on a variety of finishes, including: Mohawk Via  Felt Pure White, 70 Text (pages 1, 2, 19 & 20), Mohawk Via Linen, Pure White, 80 Text (pages 3, 4, 17 & 18), Mohawk Via  Satin, Pure White, 80 Text (pages 5, 6, 15 & 16), Mohawk Via Vellum Pure White, 70 Text (pages 7, 8, 13 & 14), Mohawk Via Smooth, Pure White, 70 Text (pages 9, 10, 11 & 12).


The Mohawk Craft Cooperative, issue No. 04 features a beautifully designed poster with a message supporting the importance of community.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly and Mohawk Craft Cooperative issues No. 04 are brought to life by talented members of our design and print communities: Hybrid Design, San Francisco, CA, and Sandy Alexander, Clifton, NJ.

Read about the importance of community. Get involved in your community. We invite you to become  part of our community.

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